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    Why lag comp is outdated and should be removed.

      First I'm going to start by giving a definition of a good match (at least as I see it)

      Good Match -  Adj.  A match in which lag has a minimal effect.  A match in which bullets don't appear to pass through enemies.  A match in which players don't get one shotted with sub machine guns.  A match in which you don't die before your opponent runs around the corner.


      Yep thats right.  I really don't care about my KdR.  I'll play in a room and get slaughtered, and keep coming back for more.  But COD lag has gotten me so pissed that I'll leave a game if my bullets don't register.  I don't even have to die to rage quit a game anymore.  I've left games with 0 kills and 0 deaths before.


      Enter the 'best match' search option.  Now I've been saying for over a year that I'd rather wait in a room for an hour as long as I get people close to me and can have good matches, so I LOVE that they've finally given us the option to choose the matches we enter.


      But what is my reward for waiting an hour for a good game?  Oh, I get to be host.  And because there's one dildo in the room searching for an 'any' game I get dropped to his level?  Seems counterintuitive to me.


      The bottom line is that with the ability to search for a level of connectivity has made lag comp obsolete (if it was ever a good idea to begin with).  Look a 50 millisecond ping means that it takes .005 seconds for your machine to send a signal to the host machine and get a response.  A normal human can't even detect anything under .1 seconds which leaves plenty of wiggle room.  In other words a room in which everyone has a good connection (which is now possible thanks to this marvelous new option) gives NO ONE an advantage worth mentioning.  Even the host gets NO APPRECIABLE ADVANTAGE!


      This also means that constantly switchin hosts is counterintuitive.  Please don't shout at me, I'll explain.  Since the host recieves no appreciable advantage there's nothing wrong with letting one person remain host as long as they stay in the room.  But what this DOES allow is for people to leave rooms in which their connectivity is not optimal and find one closer that will not move.  Players will automatically sort themselves into rooms in which their proximity to the host is minimal.  In other words there would be geographically stable rooms which could be connected too.  That's right guys, this is EVEN BETTER than dedicated servers.  Now we have a self adjusting system that allows for low proximity to a room NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE (except the north pole.  Sorry guys nothings gonna save you).  As opposed to having to link directly to a static server which just benifits those who are geographically close to it, this system would truly be fair, and allows the players to control their gaming experience.


      But what happens when the host gets bored, tired, angry, or their kids start the house on fire, you ask?  Well since this system has stocked the room with geographically close players another can pick up host with minimal change in game quality for everyone.  Yes its true that a specific room could slowly migrate away from your location as hosts change over time, but other rooms will migrate towards you.  And in the worst case you can start another room.


      So in conclusion - Remove lag comp and constant host swapping.  They are the only thing standing in this games way.


      P.S.  Absolutely LOVE the pick ten system.


      P.P.S  Because there are some people that can't seem to wrap their head around the fact that they are compensating for lag with the host I will now change 'lag comp' to 'host screwing'.  Now maybe we can deal with the issues brought up instead of having some point and grunt repeatedly to an article that doesn't explain the issues we're having.  (But it's doubtfull)

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