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    Server Problems, I Think

      I have been playing Black Ops 2 since it came out with little to no problems. Despite other peoples reactions I have had no freeze ups, except for trying to play a 1 second film in theater mode, and no game breaking bugs. Here is my problem. I play zombies. While playing on solo, I was probably at round 20+ with about 60,000 points, intending to place this money in the bank for storage. With no warning, freezing, or slight misstep, within a 1-2 second period I was on the main-menu with a "Server Unavailable" message. Seemed really fast for one of those. I thought, "That sucks". So i hooked up with some friends and started playing a 4 player match on Tranzit (campaign). Within ten minutes i recieved the same message but everyone else remained in the game. They backed out and sent me an invite to a new lobby. As i picked up a critical "part" that we needed about ten minutes into the game, yup, same error message appeared. The error message is instant. I have recieved these in black ops 1, but there was usually some sort of delay and you knew it was coming.


      Now the wierd thing is, in my theater i actually get to watch the entire video of my other friends playing for another 3 minutes before leaving the game. So the "Black Ops Server Is Unavailable" message is not really that accurate. I signed out and signed back in and got the "Game Settings Have Changed" message.


      Shoot me a reply with what this could be related to.





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