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    Two prestige's, no awards...

      I have tried to get this issue resolved via Twitter and Activision tech support it's been two days and haven't gotten a response...


      I have prestiged twice now, both times I selected the extra custom class as my prestige award, and both times I was given NOTHING. I also have not received either of the prestige unlock tokens. My combat record shows prestige 2 and my current level so this is not an accidental stat reset situation. I have been searching for an answer to this all day, but it seems like I am the only person who is suffering from this.


      I was in a lobby w/ friends the first time I prestiged and a game started right after I chose my award, afterwards I noticed that I didn't have the extra custom class or a prestige token in the CaC menu, instead the prestige award tab was locked and I was SOL. I wasn't happy but I let it go (It's a new game, there are a lot of bugs to be worked out, etc) For my 2nd prestige I made sure to back out of the lobby, so there was no chance I would be thrown into a game and it would glitch again. I still didn't get the prestige award or unlock.


      I have a ticket open w/ tech support that is still showing as "new" 2 days after it was submitted, along with a bunch of tweets that have been passed over by Treyarch and David Vonderhaar, they both seem too busy fielding tweets about the end of double XP, and the loss of the Nuketown 24/7 lobby.


      I have restarted my Xbox, cleared the HDD cache, and even deleted and reinstalled the update/patch.


      Is there anyone who had this happen and fixed it (or not) or even has some kind of an explanation for why this would happen?

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