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    Is Treyarch even listening to the community???

      Black Ops 2 has been out for almost a week now and it seems there has been a lot more nagative than postive discusstions regarding this game. From experience and word of mouth, the biggest problem that everyone seems to be having is BAD HIT DETECTION and NOT ENOUGH LAG COMPENSATION. I feel like no one at Treyarch has even acknowledged the fact that this needs to be fixed. Vonderhaar has said nothing about a patch being released on his Twitter page or his team working on a fix. I think I speak for everyone in the CoD community when I say that this game is broken and will keep sucking until they fix this issue. It is ruining the game and my ability to have fun.  

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          Well thousands of people yesterday moaned and complained about Nuketown being gone and now it's back. So yes they are listening. Just not to the things that are important.

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            Lag is a big problem, and it won't just get better over night.

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              Can we all agree that BO2 has been the most broken CoD in the series, one week after the release date?

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                It would appear someone is monitoring this post. I guess they are listening, but not doing anything about it...

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                  wouldn't it be nice if David Vonderhaar gave the community an update on the progress of resolving this problem...perhaps even replied to this post himself

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                      A novel idea, but, that is just asking wayyyyy too much. 140 characters seems to be too much as it is for him.


                      To not be highly critical & condescending though - Just because he's the lead manager or w/e, doesn't mean that he can just come out and say whatever he wants whenever he wants. He needs to know for sure that what's being worked on, doesn't just work in theory, but will work correctly for everyone before he says anything that's definite. Otherwise, he'll look like an incompetent idiot.


                      Furthermore, replying to this thread would probably be one of the least offical ways to go about keeping us updated. If anything, there would be an announcement (in the announcement bar) on the forum & probably a tweet with a link to said "announcement".


                      Off topic, but, this forum could not be any more poorly laid out. It's about as incoherent as the spawns are in this game.

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                      I think the game is awful, but I wouldn't think the sky is falling from the negativity on forums.


                      When you are happily playing your game do you have the urge to come to forums and talk about how good of a time you are having?


                      On the flipside, when you are so furious about a game that you can't even play, where are you likely to go vent that anger?


                      MW3 was the most panned game in the cod franchise, and it still had a very healthy player base for its lifespan.


                      BO2 looks like its going to get a lot of hate as well, but there are still plenty who (somehow) enjoy it.

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                        I agree with you for the whole hit detection thing.


                        The Type 25 is supposed to be the most OverPowered Assault Rifle in the game, but whenever I use it, it takes me 8 shots plus to kill a guy. It's just not how I expected BO2 to be

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                            The hit detection problem is lag.


                            Why it takes so much to put someone down is because you are flinching. Of course you don't think you are flinching because you don't see it happen. That's because you are watching the gamestate lagging behind. You are being shot first, even if you see the exact opposite. So you are flinching. This is why you see the killcam show the enemy not flinch when you land what few hits you manage to score.


                            Until the lag is addressed this will not change. You might be lucky once or twice to be on the positive end of the compensation, but that's unlikely unless you can apparently sabotage your connection. But you can't do that without there being a consequence to the gamestate.


                            So if Treyarch aren't listening or can't fix their shoddy development, I'd like to know. At least then I can make an informed choice to continue playing. I'm getting a bit tired of camping snipers, quisckopers and people scoring off my connection.    

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                            It's been a week, surely they have to collect feedback and analyze it first, before they even set about a plan of action.


                            Just be glad that Treyarch aren't DICE where glitches are left in the game until they release a 1gb+ "patch" every 3-4 months which usually breaks more than it fixes.

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                              Dude, today the game is a WEEK F'ing old, they CAN'T fix everything in one week.  NOTHING works that way in life so get over it.  Be patient as they are working on top priority items over stupid things that need tweaking, there is a priority list.  There is no fix for lag and there never will be.

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                                Huge Treyarch fan but this is ridiclous!  Fix it now.  My KD will take forever to get back to my 1.6 average.  My win ratio has suffered greatly due to this. 


                                I am disgusted that the game was even sold like this.

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                                  I dont know why there is so much lag since we have dedicated servers now. Oh wait they BS'd about that too. As much as I love COD crack Im looking forward to the BF dlc. I have a little(very little) faith that it will get better but to expect it on week two after release is ignorant. It takes time. Also there is no way of getting around these type of problems before release on a game this big. Even if they did a live beta 750+k wouldnt play the beta at the same time. Whatever.....from someone who has bought all the CODs im not even stressing over this. Its typical.      Also F Nuketown...its fun but not worth my time signing some gay petition. Do you really think the removal of Nuketown wasnt planned. The people at 3arc arent dumb they knew damn well it would cause a nerd uproar.

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                                    Ok, hate to have to state the obvious, but this is a business. They are out to make money and lots of it. That's only a problem when your business ethics are very poor, ex. map scamming people to boost your preorder sales.


                                    They have 4 DLC map packs to sell yet, so don't expect them to give any "honest" information about the prospects of the games future. Even if they believe the game is going to be total crap and unfixable, don't expect them to release an official statement saying so lol.


                                    It's on the community to decide for themselves individually if this is a) a game they enjoy and want to keep; b) a company with good business practices that you would like to continue to support. Right now, I am leaning towards neither of those options and wait to make my final decision soon before the value of this game plummets and is only worth $10 trade-in value due to the flood of used copies.


                                    There are also people that buy special pre-order versions of a game for the added bonuses and resell them to people that wanted them after the release. Kind of got screwed on that as it's the same value as any other off the shelf cod now.


                                    For those that refuse to acknowledge the obviously broken aspects of this game, you are hurting everyone in the BO2 community that would like to enjoy this game fairly. If you cannot be fair and unbiased, just don't comment at all.

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                                        es me Treyarch would make more money in the long run if it demonstrated better customer service. That's what always amazes me about this short sighted business attitude. Tret your fans well and it pays dividends. People always remember bad customer service.


                                        I'm not sure how much more of this game I can take. I've tried really hard. If the lag was addressed i would enjoy it. I don't hate it at all. But i cannot play under these conditions. What are we meant to do? I'm sure the treyarch people get lots of tweets but i've had zero response myself. Why bother being on twitter if you are going to ignore paying customers?


                                        Frustrated is not the word. This really isn't good enough. What kind of sorry ass state is gaming in when it's taken as the norm that the biggest online game doesn't work properly!

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                                        xghostops wrote:


                                        It is ruining the game and my ability to have fun.  

                                        This is where I stand too. The game could be great but for me it just isn't fun yet. If the game isn't going to work close to what people expect on and around release it would only be courteous to acknowledge the problems we are having.


                                        In the UK if you step on someones foot by accident usually both people say sorry. Nothing wrong with having some manners and owning up to your mistakes.


                                        So I'm sorry Treyarch your game doesn't give me fun even though it has the potential which makes me stick around because of previous enjoyment had with the franchise.