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    So forget that the game isnt balanced... lets focus on how you cant even play it.

      1. Error modifying session.

      2. Infinite "need to balance teams" with full lobbies.

      3. Kicking lobby when countdown starts.

      4. Starting the game as a ghost with no one around and lagging out.

      5. Server unavailable (yet is available for the rest of the 400k people online).

      6. Infinite waiting for host.


      Should I go on?


      No I dont have $5 internet service I have cox powerboost with the highest dl/ul speeds.

      No Im not wireless.

      No my NAT isnt strict.


      Im even searching for what Treyarch thinks is the "best" connection.




      BO2 is Treyarchs way of trolling a million plus people. <- Face the devs are making.