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    An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2



      Tell me why. Tell me what it is about the maps that you like, or don't like, and be mature about it.


      Personally - I like most of the maps. There are some (Aftermatch, Turbine), that I'm not a fan of, but there are some that are SUPER fun to play.


      Why I like the maps?


      First - They are really colorful, vibrant, and just overall fun and cool set pieces to be on. Whether it's a shopping mall or an aircraft carrier, the maps look and feel really neat. But it's not just about how the maps look


      Second - The maps in my opinion, are well balanced. I LIKE the fact that most of the maps follow the same pattern; regions of real intense close range gun fighting, and then other regions which encourage a lot more ranged gunfighting.


      Raid for example - the middle sections of the map, are tight and intense CQ battles, whereas the outer regions of the map (the pool and the driveway), are much more longer ranged.


      Plaza is another one - some fierce close quarters stuff on the sides of the map, but down the middle some longer range sight lines that are ruthless.


      Yemen is the same way. A good mix of close quarters and longer range.


      I love that balance - as someone who consistently alternates between using ARs and SMGs, it's nice to know that on pretty much most maps I can do well with either weapon type as long as I focus on regions of the map that allow my weapon of choice to succeed.



      Third - Getting from one end of the map to another is easy. One of my gripes with MW3 was that it was a cluster and there weren't always easy routes to get from one end of the map to another. In Black Ops 2, maps are so much more traditionally CoD style maps - TWO sides to a map, a big region in the CENTER where a lot of the fighting occurs, and MANY ways to get from one end of the map to the next (typically the left route, right route, middle route, occasionally an underground or over the top route). As an aggressive player, these routes make it super easy to perform flanking routes on enemies - pop up behind or next to them with a suppressed weapon and go HAM.


      Anyway, that's why I think the maps are great.


      I ALSO LOVE that there are no especially large, open maps - It's ironic listening to people moan about there not being any open maps, and yet at the same time they moan about campers as well. OPEN MAPS = CAMPERS HEAVEN. Remember Interchange? Wasteland? Cracked? Get a grip

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          Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

          all under CTF experience



          1. plaza: probably the best map in the game. the spawn is decent unless you start inside the club which is another running lane.

          it has wide open areas. it has close combat areas. its great for CTF. you can be any type of player you want on this map. you can snipe, you can  run, you can move with caution.


          2. raid: has 3 distinctly seperate areas left, right and middle. has fair spawns for the most part. there are little sports where you can access other areas that can supprise people. overall game play is ballanced and fun.


          3. standoff: another great map. there are two running routes and a supprice attack going through the middle. lots of high points to shot down from and guardians work great in the back ally portions of this map. has good game play.


          spawn trap maps that i disregard: hijacked, slum

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            Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

            Some maps I like some I don't. I think I like more of them in comparison to MW3 though. I'm not real good with the names yet, except for the ones I don't particularly like (Turbine, Carrier). My only beef with carrier is the color scheme though. I feel like I'm always squinting at the screen.

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                Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                Yeah - I had the same experience with carrier too.


                There's one team in particular on the Carrier map (the one that spawns by C-dom) that seem to really blend into the map colors alot and it gets very difficult to pick them out.


                On Domination, on a few occasions I've completely not seen people lying prone on the flag because they blend in so well. I enjoy the map, but I agree with you - it's often difficult to have enemies pop out against the map

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                Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                I favor larger maps because I like good spawns and map control.  I also like variety.  Having 10 maps that all play the same is not a good choice. 


                What disapoints me is that on a few maps I think they could have done a bit more and the maps would play very well. 




                Carrier -



                1) Everything blends into the map.  People are very hard to see.  It would not take much to change the colors just enough so people cannot disapear.  Or maybe some of the stuff in the middle of the map is white, yellow or red so that dark objects stand our next to them. 


                2) I would have liked to see some elevation.  Give me a few spots where I can get on top of one of the buildings and see more of the map.  Give me some better sniper positions. 


                3) I think they could have made more routes under the top deck to give more options for battle or routes to run flags


                4) The afterburrner side of the map is highly favored because the sniper positions are easy to defend.  The sniper position on the other side of the map on the F-22's (i think) are much more difficult to defend as you can get shot at from many more angles. 



                5) Everything should not be built to head glitch behind.  I am all for making people be more accurate in the game, but if they are going to get the advantage of a head glitch than make it so they lose the benefit of mobility by making them crouch once and a while. 



                Slums -


                They should have made the center area 2x as large and maybe added a house on opposite the blue store like the villa map from BO 1.  The map is way too prone to spawn killing or spawn trapping depending on how aggressive the team is. 


                A building opposite the blue store with elevation would make it much more difficult to control the little center area.  It would have allowed another route and building to fight for. 

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                    Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                    You make some really good points.


                    I like your point about Slums.


                    The key to that map, regardless of what you are playing, is controlling that center area. That blue building on the left is the counter to that congested middle area, but there's nothing on the right side, which really hinders a team's ability to break out of a spawn trap.

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                        Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                        I love the map Slums.


                        I don't spawntrap, but if the hits are registering, it is very easy to get high killstreaks by remaining in the middle.

                        Just get two other people and designate two enterances (one for the guy guarding the shop) and tell them to put down Bouncing Betties and Shock Charges. The Betties will take out the first wave of enemies, and then the shock charges will stun the following waves allowing in rapid easy kills. I agree with the fact that there should be an elevated position, but seeing as they cannot change the map as it is too late, the fountain acts as a good substitute.

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                      Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                      Most of the maps are bad, both for pub gameplay and competitive gameplay.


                      I think the only maps I really like so far are Turbine, Raid, and Overflow because they aren't a complete fuckfest like most of the other maps, they actually require some thought on where to go and it's how the rest of the maps should be, maps always used to be that way on previous COD games. There is a two others that I like but aren't great, Standoff and Drone.


                      Other than that, the maps are terrible. It's sad to think Treyarch designed these maps, the same people that made WaW, a game that had 3 DLC packs and still only ever had 1 bad map (seelow) and BO1, again, a game that had maybe 1-2-3 bad maps total.

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                        Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                        The maps are terrible.  Its shocking to me that this came from the same team that made black ops.


                        In my dream world, most maps would be like WMD from BO.  Not saying its the greatest map ever made, but its a good template.


                        1) Very easy to identify players

                        2) Perfect balance of engagements.  There is long, medium and short range encounters, all in equal frequency.

                        3) Good pacing.  If you wanted action, you could find it quickly, but not so hectic that its some hectic maze of violence.

                        4) Movement.  If you wanted to take a flanking route, it was easy to achieve.  Due to battle lines it was also easy to predict where the high action spot currently was, and where potential flank spots would be. That ties into the next point.

                        5) Not clusterf***y.  You didn't need to worry about spawn kills, or people constantly shooting you in the back from 50 different directions.  WIth good battlefield awareness, you were always aware of potential strike points, and could easily outflank, get into a defensive position, or just prevent being killed from an unexpected attack.


                        MW3 and BO2 have almost none of these traits, and is a huge part in why they fail.

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                            Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                            WMD & Meltdown are almost Identical. Definitely have the same exact feel to them. Of course, the spawn system is broken & lag comp. ruins the game (for me at least- It's annoying when I go 20-4 on "Slums", then next game, same map, same team, different host, & I go 15-18 because my hits aren't registering.)

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                            Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                            "Raid for example - the middle sections of the map, are tight and intense CQ battles, whereas the outer regions of the map (the pool and the driveway), are much more longer ranged."


                            The sad part is, this, "longer range", is still SMG range. Thus, making every map a CQC map. Yes, including turbine. It's as though there isn't enough damage decay at "extreme" distances on SMGs- which makes them the most viable option on every map considering that the routes (on every map) that one has to take, are entirely geared towards CQC. I mean, even if you're trying to snipe on Turbine, you still have to get to one of the 2 or 3 good vantage points (with terrible sight lines anyways) to make yourself useful at a distance- even then, you're still highly exposed to the 5/6 SMG runners.


                            Treyarch clearly wanted to make the game faster paced & eliminate camping, which, they've successfully done. Now the problem is that, they've also eliminted about 75% of the tactical aspect that the game used to have. It's just coked out SMG gerbils, or people with ARs sitting in crappy vantage points where they're going to have someone spawn up behind them in about 30 seconds- thanks to the coked out SMG gerbils who push spawns & swap them every 30 seconds or so.


                            In short, the game has become so incoherent & inconsistent it's pretty much impossible to get a sense of what the hell is going on. This is largely in part due to the fact that you can get from 1 spawn to the next in the amount of time it takes for you to even watch an entire enemy kill-cam..

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                                Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                                What's wrong with SMG range maps?


                                At least they are done right, unlike MW3.


                                The alternative, as mentioned, is a campfest long range map.


                                I certainly know which type of map I would prefer to play on. One where 12 people ran around with SMGs, vs one where 3 people ran around while everyone else sat with their specific body organ stuck in the ground

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                                Re: An Objective Discussion on Maps in Black Ops 2

                                Aftermath: A good map.
                                One of the few maps where assault rifles are useful, and this is a very good map for snipers, as there's a dozen places you can snipe from.

                                SMG users have the center of the map to play on.


                                Cargo: A decent map.
                                One of the few maps where assault rifles are useful, and snipers can be used here too.

                                SMG users have an easy time.


                                Carrier: A clusterfuck.

                                The home of campers and snipers, and SMGs everywhere.


                                Drone: A large SMG map, with snipers in the forest.


                                Express: A large SMG map.
                                Assault rifle users can camp to fend off some of the worst rushers, but have to watch their flanks.

                                Snipers can try to snipe from one of five possible positions.


                                Hijacked: A small SMG map


                                Meltdown: A medium SMG map

                                Snipers have four positions where they can have their fun, and assault rifle users can share those positions with the snipers. Two of these positions are facing the spawns on either side, and two are easily flanked from either spawn.


                                Overflow: A medium SMG map

                                Assault rifle-users and snipers have a few windows they can camp in.***


                                Plaza: A medium SMG map

                                Assault rifle users and snipers have a few rooftops they can camp on, as well as the center of the map when spawn-trapping.


                                Raid: The only assault rifle map in the game.

                                It has three zones where assault rifles users are at an advantage: Top, center and bottom.

                                Snipers have four positions to camp, one in each corner.

                                SMG users will not have a hard time.


                                Slums: A balanced SMG and assault rifle map.

                                Assault rifle users have to camp, however, to avoid getting flanked.

                                Snipers will have to use the ballista.


                                Standoff: The best map in the game, period.

                                SMG users have the buildings, and snipers have their windows and random corners with long sightlines.
                                Assault rifles work as they traditionally do.
                                The assault rifles are the bread and butter of the series, as they should be.
                                The SMGs are like the cheese.

                                The snipers are like the wine.

                                Can we have standoff 24/7 please?

                                Or even better, Standoff (small) + Aftermath (large) + Cargo (medium) in a playlist.


                                Turbine: An SMG map with sniper sightlines

                                The assault rifle users can camp in some corners or try to pick a kill from a house, before going back to hiding.


                                Yemen: An SMG map with some assault rifle camping positions.

                                Nothing else to do here.




                                ALL of the maps:
                                There's carefully placed objects that clearly aren't clutter, but deliberately placed pieces of tactical cover.
                                They are everywhere, on all the maps.
                                All of them.

                                On every corner.
                                Mark my words: On EVERY corner. EVERY corner.
                                Except on Plaza, where the SMG users didn't need it.


                                *** This is when I realized.
                                Assault rifle users have been reduced to the same role as snipers in this game.
                                While they traditionally assaulted objectives, they now camp objectives, hiding from the Nazgu... SMG users.

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