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    Dual screen.

      Here is a video where it is working. They even record both guys using them separately around 21 minutes, I think.



      So, when I try doing this, I never get asked if I want dual screen, or split screen as the display. It always goes into split screen. It never has that screen on the gamepad that asks you what kind of display you want. Is anyone having this problem as well? Am I doing something wrong? Are there settings that need to be altered? I am sorry that I have asked this before, but now I know for sure you can do this, but I just need some help with it. Thanks, in advance!

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          Are you going for split screen or gamepad and tv?

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              I am going for gamepad and TV. I don't want split screen. I am hearing that I might need an HDTV.

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                  Well I have one but I don't think it matters. Press and hold + and - on the gamepad then press a button and it should have the option for display (shows up on gamepad-wont let you add second player) and....the other one lol. It should show the TV and Gamepad and it should stay on that one. Then just add player by pressing a button on it and selecting the "SIGN IN" if you put the other one, Use for "username" it won't work. That should do it i think