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    Is there any hope for BO2 lag getting fixed?


      I think not.  IW, in all of their gaming wisdom, tried to fix it for an entire year, but to this day it still sucks just as bad as it did day one.  Why some people seem to think this is just "launch day jitters" for BO2 is mind boggling to me.  Given that Activision is the corporate force behind this franchise, issues that existed 2-3 versions back should not exist today, regardless of who's developing the title.  Is there no talk going on between the studios to try and alleviate these pain points before the next release?  You'd think that Activision would have noted these kinds of issues and have these studios collaborate a little between each launch.  I distinctly remember a fella by the name of GHANDI over at IW saying him and Vahn were discussing quite a lot.  That apparently is a bunch of hog wash.


      Ultimately there is absolutely NO EXCUSE that this lag, or compensation there of, should be this bad right now.  I don't care that this is launch week for the title.  I would wager the underlying multiplayer code is just about the same between BO1, MW3, and BO2.  The only thing that ever changes is the content in the game, and even that's a stretch sometimes.


      All I'm trying to say is I hear and empathize with the people complaining about the lag issues.  The issue is real, regardless of how many like to spew nonsense that it's all in our heads... or it's our fault for not adapting to an MLG playstyle.   We all play this game for fun.  We all have different ideas of what "fun" is.  A proper game is one that is designed so that anyone can play how they wish to accomplish their goal. 


      Bottom line, most of us would love BO2 if it weren't for the lag.  I know I would.  But right now, given my experience with MW3 and their inability to fix anything, I don't have much hope for BO2.  I'd LOVE for Treyarch to prove me wrong and fix this once and for all.  I doubt it'll happen though as I don't think they ever really fixed BO1 during it's lifetime either.

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          Nothing substantial will be done to fix this junker.


          Black Ops worked well for many (I do realize), but never played well for me..... even after countless updates.


          MW3 was even worse and I threw that game in the trash after 2 months of frustration.


          Black Ops 2 appears to be the worst of all. They'll tell you they're working on it until the next COD release but it won't be fixed until they abandon the current system entirely.


          COD was amazing before Treyarch ruined the series with this dog$hit netcode that seems to get increasingly worse every year. The latency issues everyone complains about have little or nothing to do with launch week jitters. It's the exact same thing that's been going on for the past 2 or 3 years and NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT IT.


          I just hope Respawn will release a decent FPS one of these days...

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              It really is stupid how the best netcodes came from the first 3 games this generation.


              I was fortuante enough to never have BO problems, it always played amazing for me (and part of why its my favorite in the series), but I know some really struggled.


              MW3 and BO2 are by far the worst though.  I want to know what idiots thought it was a good idea.


              Respawns game also isn't due for a while.  Its like 2014 or 2015 I think.  They are clearly going big.

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              first of all thats not the original IW that started cod its the janitor and the clening lady from IWs building and sum never made a FPS flunkys activision hired.


              and no it will never be fixed

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                I would say maybe.


                I think it has excatly the same problems that MW3 had. Exactly.


                And as you say they worked on that for 12 months.


                So they should start with taking all the IW people that where trying to fix MW3, and keep those guys 100 miles the f#*k away from BO2, and start a fresh doing the exact opposite.

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                  A lot of the people that I've played with have said that over the past 48 hours they've noticed a significant improvement on their lag issues.


                  Me? Well things began to turn for me tonight. Finally felt like I was given a great chance to compete against the rest of the lobby, and was putting up 40+ kill Hardpoint games all night.


                  So I would say yes - of course, things are going to improve. Just need to be patient with it, like with any other CoD at this time of year

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                    Bottom line this games is a piece of crap.  The smgs are way over powered, they made it easier to gay quick scope.  They have perks that cancel themselves out (wtf).  Treyarch has ruined the cod series for me. There is no balance in the game at all.  It's just pray and spray. And the people getting these 100-2 76-6 scores are obvious lag compensated wet dreams.  They want to blame lag and issues on the consumer?  What a crock of #%*+.  Use DMZ, change your DNS settings, set your qos etc etc.  bs bs bs.  Why should I compromise my Internet security to play a undeveloped game.  Are u serious?   Disable firewall, put your console in dMZ mode... These are official activision suggestions.  Smh.  I feel like I paid $64 dollars for yet another paper weight.  They don't ban cheaters, they seem to embrace boosters because I haven't seen not one banned yet.  Why have a report feature, if they ignore it.  I've been involved with the cod series since the beginning.  I even was a (in house) beta tester for cod at the activision studios in Santa monica.  Over the years it has gotten worse and worse.  Doesn't it suppose to get better?   I mean network technology has improve drastically, but yet activision still insist on using old netcodes, and game engines that are already known for having issues.  Stop patching that crap and put dedicated servers in place.  This is one of the true reasons that cod fans are leaving to go play halo, and battlefield, and other fps that don't have e stupid issues this game does.   It's always somebody saying they fixed this and they fixed that.  Why is the consumer trying fix the game for them.  YouTube has hundreds of lag fix videos, and crash fix videos and so on.   After this game froze my ps3 for the third time, I gave up.  It's unplayable, the lag is horrific, and the game play straight out is awful all on its own.   The only thing I can say for this game is its a new cod in the series.   So far the worse.  Getting shot around corners, getting killed instantly, getting 10+ plus hit detectors but they turn around while getting hit on your screen and kill you with one shot.  Smg that can kill with one shot across the map, but a Fal  takes 3 shots plus? The smr 3 shots plus.  That's that's on hardcore.  Smh.  BLACK OPS 2 is trash, and myself and the 65 friends I play with have left this series alone until the activision acts like they care what product they put their name on. 

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                      Nope, they need to acknowledge a problem before they'll fix it. I don't play core anymore exclusivly HCKC.

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                        In one word: No.


                        In several words: Not everyone has the problem so there is no real problem to fix. If there was a problem everyone should have it; but clearly not everyone does. So it is not really a problem with the game itself but with each players connection which 3arc cannot control.


                        In more words: It is becuase of bad host selection that it happens. But they will never limit the hosts because then it would be harder for some to find matches and more would complain about that.

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                          Don't mistake lag with bad aiming. I have watched too many "proof of lag" videos where the player is just not aiming as good as the other guy and they lose the gun fight. I don't have the facts but I guestimate that 90% of lag claims are BS, play HC if you want to win gun fights and you will see that your lag magically dissapears! Not saying this is the case for everyone but I have played core and HC in this game just to prove my theory and it's true! Bad aiming in core is not lag! Not trying to offend anyone but prove it to yourself, play HC for a few days straight and you'll notice a difference.

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                            By the way I'm a strict hardcore player. Core is for nubs and kids.  So try again.  And to add fuel to flame, where are all the hardcore modes. Only 4 modes?  Seriously?    But of course the people with crap connections never see lag.  Maybe I should give up my 30 dn 10up fiber optic connection for a 56k to compete huh.  Smh you new to fps gamers are hilarious.

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                              i doubt they'll fix the lag, they're busy coming out with camo/reticle/slots dlc to distract everyone from the fact they don't know how, or want to fix it.

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                                Yes there's tonnes of hope, you can hope until your blue in the face. Will it be fixed? I highly doubt it!

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                                  Did they fix it in MW3 . Nope. Still the same lag thread a year later.


                                  Did they fix it in Black Ops 1. Nope.


                                  Dont hold your breath. Just like the other hundred or so threads on the same subject. They cant fix lag.