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    Impressions How do you like it so far?

      I finally got the game so been playing on the gamepad felt awakard at 1st but getting it down. Im also been playing hardcore i been doing amazing due to the map design and with so many alternate routes to take it keeps people guessing. I hope more people play hardcore idk if it is just me but the hit dection on core takes alot of bullets to put someone down.

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          Re: Impressions How do you like it so far?

          Haven't played hc yet.  I think it's playing well,   but like I said I noticed lag comp a bit more as people got set up in core.


          I like it, but I will still play xbox and wii u.  I think they did a great job.   I love the maps but lin, I will tell you as more and more people get on, you will probably see alot more lag.  There is something wrong with the networking layer of this game. 


          Also, what I've noticed on the xbox (run-n-gunner there too, except when sniping) is that I get shot in the back ALOT.   lol  


          Also, I can't snipe worth a crap with the wiimote.  I never thought I would prefer knobs and buttons, but I do.  Really curious how the pro controller works?   The gamepad feels a bit too "big".  Don't get me wrong, I love it.  I may run up and get a pro controller today.

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            Re: Impressions How do you like it so far?

            Liking it more, the more I play it. Sniping is a lot harder for some reason, maybe I just need to customize setting a little more.
            We need more players, everyone is only playing Deathmatch, and I like to play objective modes.

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              Re: Impressions How do you like it so far?

              The game can't run more smoothly. I can't believe we are getting this kind of quality product.


              Having said that, the lack of users may be playing in our benefit. Maybe lag compensation works better when in average users are far apart from each other...or matchmaking is really working well.


              Out of, say, 20+ games I can remember just one that felt laggy, and one extra one were the host migration didn't work. Pretty good stats.


              Hit detection is perfect, sounds are awesome, good weapons.


              But I'm not liking that noobs now can pick up a mediocre weapon and still be competitive. It takes no bullets to kill enemies, regardless the weapons (and everyone is using SMGs). I was ok when 3arc decided to destroy camping (although I miss it when I want to do hardsniping), but they just didn't stop there, they made this game so it balanced noobs up, so everyone can feel happy about killing lots of people now.


              About sniping. Maybe cause players have not unlocked some important perks like the MM wave scan, and stuff like that, I found some maps were I can snipe if I keep in mind to get one or two kills and then move on. I do thanks the button customization so I set my wii-mote quite nice to do some sniping.


              The only weapons I find useless are the LMGs. But I guess once I get a team of friends I'll play support class and pick up an LMG.


              I give this MP in COD a 8.9/10 (thanks to crappy reviewers it feels these days anything >9 means perfect, and I don't give perfect scores to almost anything)


              I hope we get DLC...but 3arc has an argument now....there is no more than 1000 people with accounts, and I never see more than 300 connected.  Well, those people are missing a COD game with very little frustrations.

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                  Re: Impressions How do you like it so far?



                  Couldn't agree more.  good post.   As for lag, I had one or two games out of 15 or so that were laggy.  But it's really hard for me right now as I suck with the wiimote and can't really tell.  I can tell you that the xbox guys were saying that prior to public release (very few online), the game ran great.  (these are the pro's/machinima/big youtubers).  After the 13th, things went downhill.  There have been around 600,000 playing online on the xbox when I've been on. 


                  So if it is the same netcode as the xbox, well...there's a  timebomb ticking for us.  But who knows how long it will be before there are enough users to see these problems. There's just too many variables (quality of hosts ping, etc...). 


                  Good point on DLC.  A couple of things.  There is a severe shortage of console's now.  As I understand it, 2.5 million WII U's where shipped to north america.  I bought some extra conoles and plan to sell them for a profit (Sold my first 32GB on craigs list today for 500 bucks). 


                  Out of that 2.5M, how many bought CoD? 

                  Will there be another huge influx of machines prior to the holiday? 


                  So, we may see the existing 2.5M get CoD for xmas (noob fest) which could increase our numbers.

                  Also, if another large influx of Wii U's hit the market prior to the holiday, we will see the number above grow.


                  But I really think that anyone who says an xbox/ps3 player is going to switch, is fooling themselves.  There may be some, but not enough to greatly increase our numbers.  


                  EDIT: One other note, is alot of people pre-ordered but had them shipped to thier home, so they haven't received theirs yet. (I've got two coming from toys r us.  won't be here until the end of the week with the holiday).  As the week progresses, you may see a big increase

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                  Re: Impressions How do you like it so far?

                  I absolutely love this game. I can't wait until more people play, so I can play zombies with more people. Also, I was watching The Walking Dead, while playing Black Ops 2. That just made it for me. I WAS PLAYING, WHILE WATCHING TV, GUYS!

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                    Re: Impressions How do you like it so far?

                    This is what I and many others said at the start of MW3. It wasn't to be.

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                      Re: Impressions How do you like it so far?

                      It has to be US to change the outlook of the game no one else.

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                        Re: Impressions How do you like it so far?

                        I love it better graphics then my 360, but only thing it keeps me from wanting to play it more than the 360 is the ADS sensitivity it is ridiculously high and cannot be changed im hoping for an update to make it like the ps3/360 its much smoother and funner to play. Anyone else who owns a ps3 or 360 notice this?

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                          Re: Impressions How do you like it so far?

                          watchu talking about? you CAN change it

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