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    What is an acceptable K/D.......to you?

      So I am reading some of the recent post's and complaints regarding Black Ops II. SO FAR (for me) Black Ops II is actually enjoyable. At this point I have a K/D of 1.2 and still climbing. I have not (YET) experienced any completely absurd and unexplainable incidents.....unlike MW3 where the absurd reached ludicrous levels on a daily basis. At one point this summer I decided to not dashboard 8 out of 10 games and see what happened. Despite having ping times of around 10-15ms at 500 miles in every direction, my K/D averaged .32. I did not turn red, I could not get out of the way, I could not return fire......camping, running and gunning.....no matter, just dead. Over and over and over. On many occasions, I was killed by players who were right in front of me ( according to killcam), but in realtime.....I never saw them. That has YET to happen while playing BO2, and I hope it stays that way. In my humble opinion (with all do respect to those who are not happy), I am getting the impression that some players are screaming mad because their K/D is below a 2.0. Am I just so beat down from MW3 that I am settling for less, or are some people expecting way too much? Again, I am absolutely not trying to piss people off, and I am by no means an online gaming guru.....but is a K/D that's under 2.0 really that bad?