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        30. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

        I might make a video about the issues tonight. I've tried changing every setting I can and the controls still feel too slow/unresponsive. There also seems to be something that causes the cursor to skip/teleport around the screen, but I'm not sure if it's a glitch.

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          31. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

          no, the wii-mote is the pinnacle of FPS controls, the classic controller being the worst (cause even before that is the PC mouse which is way better but lil bit under the wii-mote)....aim assist was invented to avoid the frustrations that the classic console controllers wold cause to the average user. It makes me laugh how many people out there in the console world truly believe that they got some skill in FPSs when they get overrated KDR cause the aim assist. In a hypothetic combat without aim assist between wii-motes, mouse's and controllers, the later one doesn't stand a chance.


          there is one big problem on the Wii-mote for FPSs though, and it is individualism. Since there is not a standard in the sensitivity, every user has to spend quite some time customizing their own personal wii-motes. My own control sensitivity wouldn't be appreciate by other users and so on. So people with ADHD, people who are not willing to or can't take the time to edit the option, will not be satisfied with the wii-mote control...cause...it takes some time (in my experience it took me 30 min to be satisfied and even then I go back to customization once every couple of months to improve it).


          the floatation on the screen is related to options like dead zones, ads reach and camera speeds, they all need some edit. If you are not willing to spend some time on them...you will hate the controls.


          I have noticed that some people is copy and pasting the settings from other users...this is fine as long as they use them as a template....but they still need to put some work re-customizing them.

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            32. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

            Well said, dude. You're right about everything; the sensitivity, dead zones and speeds are all unique for each person. If there was only a way to copy my settings from MW3... Playing today (yeah, had nothing else to do, and even ran into Skmace!), I noticed how crisp, nice and precise the settings I had were. All games I played were like around 30-7, and the like. It's just such a shame that there could be people that skip over the Wiimote due to the time you have to spend to customize it to match your individual tastes. Hopefully with the release of the U, its popularity will raise at least a bit.


            P.S: It would be incredibly amusing to see a confrontation between players all using the variety of controls there are WITHOUT aim assist, like you said. Analogue users would get destroyed.

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              33. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

              And yes, it's not tight.  Even after extensive tweaking it's not right without the cursor sensitivity.  I hope they can add that back in so I can get that MW3 precision. 

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                34. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                Here's hoping we get word from a Treyarch Wii dev on this.. Or foxhound at least. /:

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                  35. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                  I'm not arguing, maybe you didn't see my comments about me NOT picking up a wiimote in 9 months.  I said it could just be me.  I just said it didn't feel "tight" to me. 


                  I've been playing cod on the wii since cod 3 (yes cod3) so I am very familiar with all the settings (driving that jeep was fun as hell with the wiimote), but I willingly admit I have forgotten alot of them.  I've been finetuning since yesterday, but it still feels "off" a bit and could be related to the cursor sensitivity setting as mentioned.

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                    36. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                    Padiego wrote:



                    From what i've seen and heard, wii mote got seriously screwed over.

                    I'm not talking BO-screwed over.....I'm talking cosmic size screwed over. Reason why most people are robot-using-Aimbot-Controller-Pro users. because wii mote puts people at a serious disadvantage.

                    NOOOOO! Why give the advantage to the people that don't want a challenge. Give the advantage to the wii motes. You can't learn how to use a wiii mote in a day like the ccp and all the other controllers on different consoles which are exactly the same (No, a button rename, switchover and a new controller name does not mean they are different). LAZY PEOPLE! (Now don''t go rage like i just did ccp people)

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                      37. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                      This is fine..

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                        38. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                        No, this is certainly NOT FINE !


                        It's like asking a Surgeon who's been using the finest surgical equipment all his career to all of a sudden remove a patient's appendix with a rusty butter knife. Maybe he can pull it off but it won't be pretty and it sure as hell won't be consistent. 


                        This is a Major problem. Cursor Sensitivity  is absolutely needed. no ifs, ands or buts about it!

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                          39. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                          Hey Treyarch. This game is phenomenal.


                          But it's also awful. Why? The Wii Remote controls are impossible to use for the reason stated above. The controls in MW3 (which you implemented) were seriously PERFECT. Replicate this, and we have an excellent game. Right now, I've resorted to using dual analog (which is nasty compared to IR).


                          Pleeeease fix this.

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