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    This diehard COD fan is returning this game tomorrow. :( unplayable due to lag comp

      So I've been "playing" this game since it's release date. 1st night I was seriously stoked about BO2 because of all the new stuff added, the pick 10 system and just the overall excitement about a new COD game.I don't want to brag but I'm a pretty decent COD player, I have positive KD's in all the other games, above 2.00. About three nights ago I'm playing thinking to myself, "damn either I just really suck tonight or I've had too much to drink because I am getting seriously owned". Then it happened again...and again...and again. So at that point I decided to do a little research to figure out why I was sucking so hard at this game. I figured Treyarch had upped the amout of bullets needed in order to score a kill, I was wrong. Instead I find YouTube videos and other fans of the game posting threads and blogs raging about "Lag compensation" being really bad in this game. I'm never one to whine and complain about anything but this game is utterly unplayable for me. I never had this kind of problem in and COD game or any other FPS, for that matter. I also think that this problem has a lot to do with another problem this game seems to have, rage quittinig. I think people are raging because of the kills that are seemingly coming out of nowhere. I dont ever rage with COD games, even when I do badly, however, I find myself getting really angry while playing this game because of its unfairness. To that point, I've been on the benefitting side of the lag but those wins dont feel like I've truly earned them because I'm playing against a team/individuals on the disadvantageous side of the lag. To put it simply, I'm not enjoying this game at all for that reason. Is this your idea of "fair" Treyarch?




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