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    Probation for Connection Drop?!

      I've been given 5/6 probations due to either my connection dropping or along with "Black Ops II Server Is Not Available At This Time" messages. Why is it that I'm being given probations due to server problems?


      Also, when playing with two users on one system, after a connection drop I was given a probation but the other user was not. Is there anything I can do to stop this? It's completely ruining my enjoyment of the game.




      (I'm on Xbox btw)

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          Hello Ginjaninja,


          The probation ban was meant to stop players from attempting to disconnect and reconnect to save their KD Ration. Unfortunately this been something that players who have been experiencing disconnection issues have been coming across. Keep in mind that we are still working hard to get servers to 100%.


          Thank you ^JG

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              Have you gotten rid of this feature until the technical match making glitches are sorted? because SO MANY players quit games and leave them at 6v1 for the remainder of the game, so annoying lol!

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                Something has to be done to fix this problem.  I get kicked from the servers in the middle of the game and I have to wait.  It's a waste of my money.  Just get rid of it, or only make probation an option for "hardcore" games.  It has to stop.  I get booted off ALOT.  And I have Probation.  It is very aggravating.  PLEASE post some UPDATES or NEWS about this issue, players are getting upset and we deserve an explain.

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                    i feel the same way,and at this point if this keeps up,,this will be my last blackops/treyarch/activision multiplayer/war game I purchase its not worth the hassle and taking all the fun out

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                        I too have had this happen. Thanks for the time out.


                        Also, coming from someone that does back out due to connection/lag, thanks again for the time out. Why would i stay in a match where my bullets become butterfly kisses and i die a dozen times in a row because of it? Best option is to "dash" to keep your stats true and negate the multple lag deaths in a match. But not anymore. We get a time out and sit in a corner for 5 minutes. GG.

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                    This driving me nuts. I keep getting signed out of the playstation network this morning, then I get probation. While waiting for the 5mins to pass I get disconnected again, BAM another five minutes. So I leave it counting down and go for a smoke, come back and I'm disconnected again, sign back on... BAM another 5mins. I don't even last for the 5mins and disconnect... BAM another 5mins. This has happened 6 times in a row, That's a long time waiting and still no playing.


                    I mean what the hell is wrong with leaving a public game anyway. What if I have to leave? am I supposed to leave myself in game and just get killed for the rest of the game. What if my clan invites me to a game? Are they supposed to just wait for me? Not like I can send a message to wait, while I'm in a game. If I'm one baring, why the hell can't I go find  a different game??? This isn't leauge you know. I understand everyone hates dashboarders. But that's no reason the enforces punishments on everyone who leaves any game, for whatever reason.


                    So enraged right now. While typing this I was disconnected, and guess what... BAM another 5mins. Now I have to go to work. I just wanted to kill some people on black ops before work, but no. I wouldn't have minded getting dc'd every game, at least I could have had some fun between dc's. I don't care if my kills don't get saved when I dc, just in it for fun, and I was doing good, I helped my team with every game that I did get to play.