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    Where's the integrity of this company?

      I'm not even too upset that they're taking Nuketown 2025 off the playlist. What I am angry about is the lack of communication between the developers and the gaming community. They've become more of a souless coporation with each releasing CoD, proving that it's more about the cash than the game.


      Just take a look at the scumbag, so-called "Game Design Director" David Vonderhaar's tweet concerincing Nuketown 2025:


      "Double XP weekend is official over. That means Nuketown 2025 / 24-7 is as well. I know. RIGHT? Don't kill the messenger."


      I love his attempt at pretending to be one of us, one of the regular gamers and not a cold-hearted business man. He refers to himself as the "messenger". He tries to make it look like it wasn't his fault. Like he was only told to share this message with us. But what I have to ask is, how can a game design director NOT know what is going on in his/her game? If he as the head director didn't know that Nuketown 2025 was coming down, then who's really calling the shots?


      Conversely, if he really did know what was going on, he is, of course, still a scumbag for keeping this sort of information hidden and lying to us.


      For shame on the ethics of this company.