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    The real reason why Nuketown 24/7 was removed

      The only thing i can see is that nuketown was the best way to get xp/ high kill streaks and unlock the camos quicker,because of how condensed the map is.Thus making players bored of the game sooner and making them put it down sooner or not buy future dlc.Also It turned the attention from every other map since 50k-120k players at any given time were focusing on 1 map.


      From a buisness perspective this is bad because not as many players  would want to buy the new maps that are dew out since this map has everything most players like(close quaters,easy kills,easy to obtain all killstreaks,All weapons are well on it due to the minimal range ect)Taking it out scatters the 100k+players there for increasing the likely hood of buying future maps even if 10% of these 100k buy a future map thats a extra 60k in their pocket for taking out a map with minimal consiquence.


      As far as consiquence goes there is really none for them.Sure a few players might quit but that does not matter because we already payed for the game so quitting has minimal effect on them.Also some players might post threads like these but these in essance don't solve anything or phase the company.Some players might also threaten legal action,but good luck facing a company that made over a billion dollars on 1 single game giving them access to the best lawyers you can buy.And most courts wont even take such a case.You can claim false adventising but a skilled attorney can get around that buy the simple point that no where did they say the map was going to be here 100percent of the time.So it all boils down to money.I cant see any other reason why they would go thru the trouble to complely remove the most popular game mode(Tdm does not count as in every game its the most popular game mode)


      that is the only reason why i could see them removing it and even that is a very weak explination.


      So what are your thoughts?


      I personally only played nuketown never played any other maps