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    Bad Move Treyarch

      I'm a huge fan Treyarch so don't get the wrong idea, but removing the "Nuketown 2025" playlist is a huge mistake. Firstly, you said in the description for the game mode, that it would be open "24/7" and that it will "never close". By taking down the map, you are going against your own word. Now I wouldn't of cared much if the playlist was a one time thing, but you clearly stated that I would be able to play Nuketown 2025 whenever I wanted to.


      And did you really think that saying this playlist was open 24/7 was a good idea? You know that small maps in Call of Duty are the majority of the fans favourite map. If you're worried about the other maps not being played, you really shouldn't have said the whole 24/7 thing.


      Honestly, you should bring back the playlist of course. People such as me love playing it, and eventually we're going to get bored with it and start playing the other maps. Some may not get bored, but the lot of us will.


      You've made a great game, and you've made the community pretty happy. People are just a little upset right now, so don't take anything to personal. I know you'll make the right decision.

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          Nuketown 24/7 has never been a permanent playlist. I think they are trying to prevent "map fatigue"... but I think they did it all wrong here.


          They should have left the playlist up for at least the first two weeks. They have the "Daily Message" now when we log in... they could have announced that it was ending soon and that we can expect it to return. This at least communicates to the community what to expect... which is the point of the Daily Message.

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            +1 freaking bullets are not even regestring and enemy can kill us even if we start shooting at them first.


            It is unplayable, sometimes I think MW3 is still better then this.

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                Without a doubt MW3 is better than this Bullsh*t Ops 2... The key being consistency... BS Ops2 lacks even the slightest hint of consistency thanks to their atrocious spawn-system & despicable implementation of Lag Compensation. It's pathetic that they made the original Black Ops & had similar problems on launch. Despite the fact, the problems are 10x worse now than they were then. Truely perplexing.




                ps.... LOLOLOL, my 1st message got deleted.

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                i totally agree. the 24/7 and never close description in the playlist is ridiculous looking back now. i want the best map in the game back.its my go to playlist when things arnt going well on the new maps.

                i always thought it was a little scammy from the start. using nuketown as an inscentive so they get first week sales figures. they will prob bring it back when competitors have new games coming out and want good figures online. i mean literally million of people pre ordered, so its not like the playlist wasnt getting enough players. i feel mdisappointed and cheated as much of these forums do.

                make it right treyarch. we did get dropzone back when that got first dropped from the playlist rotation in mw3, so there is hope.