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      so now you get kicked with only two team kills and you delete nuketown from public playlists?? this is an outrage it's making me want to play black ops two less and less I don't have any friends to play this game with to play nuketown with friends and now if you accident kill teamates who run into your own bullets. I'm so mad at these issues and I'm not gonna buy this season pass unless these issues are fixed. Black Ops was a perfect game why did you guys have to ruin it? I also thought nuketown never closes what's up with that even add it to the rotation?? Also bring 2nd chance back come on every other COD game has that. I always say if it ain't broken don't fix it....and what's up with kill confirmed not being in hardcore. Hardcore is much funner then core I won't even play core unless it's Nuketown also where are all the maps that are like summit..firing range and now nuketown?

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