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    just when you think it cant get any worse

      for the past hour and a half ive been having problems finding games i think ive joined 3, 2 of which were so laggy i had to leave and the 3rd one i joined we were getting spawned trapped that bad i ended up with 12 deaths and 1 kill

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          Welcome to CoD: Lag Ops 2

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            That cause these COD makers are sooo into the fact that their game is in LAME BATTLES (they even call it a sport, haha) and they forget its a freaking game, meant to be fun.  I always hear people complaining "oh, there making these game for people who suck so everyone can play them" when it's actually the complete opisite.  These games are focus on the hardcore LB type players.  If it were focused so anyone can play them, then why do the LB type players always **** and get high kill/score streaks when the rest of the REAL people have a hard time getting high streaks or even getting kills with them.  I for 1 have gotten the Dragonfire a few times and have to shoot someone a TON to kill them but I always ALWAYS see killcames & youtube videos of people practically killing with it in about 3 hits.  COD has its problems, yes.  Do I still like playing it, yes (ecept for those black ops 1 and mw3 pieces of crap) do they make these games for REAL people or for LB douches, well a little of both but they DEFFINITLY focus on the LB douches.