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    So when you Prestige...... you keep some stuff, lose some stuff, have the option to reset stats, option to open something, and the option to give back? HUH?? (warning : wall)

      While I understand some of this, a lot of this makes no sense.
      In an ever convoluted mess of the debate on whether "to prestige, or not" this title might make it clear for those on the fence.


      So I DID prestige this past weekend but I am not so sure I should have. Normally I knew that if I prestiged I would lose everything ( except my stats ) and I would have to start all over again. Kind of fun, a challenge to acquire everything again. This is no longer the case.



      So you prestige, you get to keep ALL of your weapon unlocks that you acquired in your previous level allowing you to have all the gun/ equipment add-on unlocks that you acquired.

      Once you reach the level where the weapon is unlocked all your add-ons are ready for you to use.


      A: So they give you an option of giving your "tokens" back to them re-locking everything...

      B: Or you can permanently unlock an item...

      C: Or you can choose to reset all your stats...

      I forgot to add the last option...

      D: Or you can unlock an extra custom class slot.

      Really? Hmmmmm.....


      Let's look at this closer:


      Option A: You are going to let me give back my tokens/ unlocks to re-earn them all? Why? I now know that all I have to do is get to level ___ and when I get there my weapon will have all my add-ons ready to use.


      Option B: Okay, this makes sense as it always has. I got a fav weapon/ etc. that I want to use now because I am good with it. And since I didn't choose Option A my weapon will be 100% like I like it.


      Option C: Reset my stats.....why? So I can say that I am better than I really am to all my online friends? For the most part we all get better once we get accustomed to how the game plays, how the maps play, etc. This is just silly. I guess we will never know how "good" somebody is anymore because you can't be sure if their stats are from their overall game play or JUST this current prestige level.


      Option D: I don't feel a need to unlock an extra slot like in the previous titles because the default classes in this game actually work! Seriously, I have had zero issues doing damage with the default classes. They rock!


      So there really isn't a reason to prestige ,other than a new emblem next to your name. I guess you could argue that this has been the case in every COD series but this new option makes it more clear, to me, that there is no reason to prestige.



      On another note, prestiging your weapons gives you nothing more than the ability to add some "paint" to your weapon. Again, REALLY? Give me somethng more than that for my efforts!


      What are your thoughts?



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