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    Just to add to the spam of nuketown threads

      Where has it gone?


      I have checked my leaflet and game box nothing on there stats that the map was a custom game mode map only or for events.


      I cant find T&C for this game either so if someone could point me in the direction of this would be greatly appreciated.


      People pre ordered and paid more just to get this extra map without any knowledge of this being an event only map. There was no adverts showing this no small print showing this. Im pretty sure this can be used in a court/legal case against you.


      First stop is to talk to Athene for some advice next stop is to take the T&C if there is any to my local solicitor and see what he makes of this. If he thinks there could be a case then i will report back and let everyone know what to do to stick it to activision and or treyarc to force them to stop screwing over there dwindling consumer base


      Watch me get banned from posting on the forums now.