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    Ok here is what I think.... =]

      Sorry if I am completely wrong but this is what I think has happened, and has happened to me.


      I got the game on the release day and it worked fine, it froze a little and had to turn off the ps3 and back on, I got the message have to check hard drive for any blah blah blah it will take a few minutes.
      But Thursday it began to freeze really badly and I noticed when I turned the ps3 off and back on, I never had the thing that checks to see everything is ok.
      Didn't think any of it, until Saturday someone told me to check system update on the ps3.... suddenly an update appeared... but what is strange I am 100% sure I downloaded the update before.....


      So what I think has happened, is the freezing of the game has corrupted the software in various ps3, and when we try to log onto BO2 without realising the software is corrupted, they ban the playstation from the servers for bad software on the ps3.


      That is just my opinion, my friend can play it, I go on his account on my ps3 it doesn't work. People are buying other ps3 and its working on the new ps3, this is making me think they have blocked some playstations from joining the servers. As it is nothing to do with accounts or connection problems. I could be wrong but people I work with think that is the most valid reason and it is possible for them to do it without sony permission.... I say they can but technically it is not allowed.

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          uhhh say what!

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            Just try deleting the patch and redownloading it if what you say is true this will fix it.

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              I ran the update still froze
              I checked my HDD for errors all tests came back good
              I installed the patch Activision gave out and haven't froze since


              Bottom line, I think there was a communication issue between the Black Ops II (software) and the PS3 (hardware). These sort of things happen a lot when you try to install dated software on a brand new computer or vice-versa. My guess is this game was tested on different version of PS3s or the game was tested under special circumstances where this wouldn't be an issue. For the most part it's fixed now though

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                  The fact they have open threads asking people what was happening when it crashed leads me to believe they didn't put much time into testing it if at all.  Instead they are using the consumers as their q&a for the beta version of blops2. which only these games can seem to get away with...  Prior to 1.03, my ps3 never crashed, since 1.03 it crashes about 4-5 matches, so great job treyarch...  At least that pesky need more players to balance teams doesn't happen anymore.

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                      I think they were asking questions to find out what part of the code the issue could be in. This isn't like normal glitches and bugs that are concrete and isolated. Those are easy to find in the code


                      This issue was more complex and probably was embedded deep. If you're familiar with code you know that making one change to just a single character can unleash so much hell in the game that it might not be recoverable. They had to be sure they knew where to go to keep future problems from happening


                      That said, no, I don't think they tested the game very thoroughly

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                          I don't know much about code, I know the basics enough to know that one mix up and the whole thing goes wrong. What I just don't get is how it's working for most people and not for others...

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                            That is what q&a is for...  They should fire their ps3 programmers, this is the 2nd time this crap has happened, that is why I find this so disturbing.  I actually do know a lot about coding, not for games, but as appdev and if I put something out that a large protion of the company ended up getting constant bsod's I probably wouldn't have a job anymore.  I don't see how they don't have to adhear to that same standard.  This is the 2nd game they put out that is causing the console to lock up which is absurd. 


                            Just in this forum alone there are tons of people who have reported it freezing in both online modes. It doesn't seem to be a minor issue with some here and there..  It's almost everyone who plays the game is going to get it at some point repeadily.


                            It's kind of sad really, the game has potential... 


                            On the lag issue, I really think it's the lack of a lag comp.  Just like mw when you are the host you are the invisible guy, I have went 30 and 2 in deathmatch as the host.  The next round I was 2 and 10 and three days behind everyone with a bouncing connnection between 3 and 4.  That I am ok with on launch, things have to be tweaked and finding a lag comp on a p2p that works very well has to be hard.  At least they didn't have the same host issue as black ops where the host had massive frame drops making being the host painful.

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                                Be_Smashing wrote:


                                They should fire their ps3 programmers, this is the 2nd time this crap has happened, that is why I find this so disturbing.

                                You're kind of wrong here. This is the first time PS3 has had it's own dedicated dev team. Normally the game is completely ported from Xbox to Playstation. This time around each console got their own crew to work on the game. This could be why the issue went largely unnoticed. The dev team was new and probably learned a lot from this incident


                                Second, the issue seems to be dependent on the type of Playstation. I know different generations have different readable formats and their drives and drivers are different. This could also be an issue


                                Third, they knew about the freezing. From what I hear though they took it very seriously and depending on who you ask they A) found and fixed the issue and it didn't replicate, or B) They found the issue but could not replicate for fixing. So it seems that the problem was known, they just didn't fully test it post discovery

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                                    I am not kind of wrong because they said black ops wasn't a port and had it own dev team when it was having the same problems as black ops 2.  Go look at the black ops forums when it got released and look at posts from Vahn and co who are again posting on this forum.


                                    I get the ps3 is more difficult to code on, but why put out a game like this if could have problems with bricking consoles AGAIN.  Keep in mind this is not the first time, they are now a repeat offender...  I have played a ton of ps3 games and none of them have had the issues like this game has so I am kind of leaning toward this being a Treyarch problem more than a ps problem.  With that said, it leads me to believe that their dedicated programmers are either inept and stupid, lazy or they are flat out lying about having dedicated programmers.