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    Semi-autos weapons are OP

      Don't comment saying this is just another butthurt kid that hates dying. I can handle dying, but not from a 1 hit kill semi-automatic assault rifle. The fal insta-kills me from any distant. You can't stop it. You can equip Select fire and make that baby full auto...a full auto insta kill. Together with the laser sight and target finder, you're untouchable. You need to use your Black Box program and nerf the damage on the semi-autos.They have the same power as a sniper, just with a faster fire rate and more ammo.

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          So, by my count, we now know that the FAL, pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, and all SMGs are overpowered.  Oh, and scorestreaks, stun grenades, and explosives.  Did I miss anything?


          Seriously, though, you're probably experiencing some lag compensation (that does need work) which makes it seem like you're dying to one shot when in reality you're being hit 3-4 times.  And the guy who killed you is probably in one of the other threads complaining about how you soaked up 8 hit markers before you finally went down.

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            Best joke I heard all day, FAL being overpowered and instakilling. That's a classic, your sarcasm is legendary

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              The FAL needs high damage because it is a 1 shot weapon with not too hot a rate of fire. So of course you it needs to have a high damage.

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                A sniper rifle can still take someone with a FAL out.

                Another assault rifle can still take someone with a FAL out.

                Even from mid-range the SMG's can take somebody out.


                It just depends on what you do.


                I've used the FAL with select fire (and still do) and while it is powerful on range, it is very vulnerable from a close range. So just flank the guy instead of just walking in his crosshair over and over. The maps are designed so there are tons of way to approach a single position.