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    SmGs are Not Overpowered.

      The only reason you guys think they're over powered is because you don't use assault rifles the role they are supposed to be used for.


      Situation: As soon as you see a red dot you run straight to that location trying to kill a guy with an SMG when you have an AR.

      Effect: You get outgunned because of your stupidity to go into CQB range then cry SMGs are over powered.


      Solutions: Look at the kill feed and stop playing on impulse and react accordingly and/or use an AR at its respected range which is medium to long distance.


      I out gun people who use shotguns and SMGs 9/10 times if not always when I use an AR because I know how to use it.


      Take cover and return fire. It's so simple.

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          It's funny how nobody responds, hmmm, I wonder why...

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            smg's might not be overpowered by them selves but stick a laser sight on them and the are

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              SMGs aren't overpowered. Laser sight is.


              It's funny how you say not to rush about and deal accordingly. It's said SMG users rushing YOU that is the problem in this game.

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                every gun has a place and time. SMGs and shot guns are for small CQB maps. AR's are for medium to long range. Snipers are for large open maps (turbine). I agree with the OP. The fact UAV's are so easy to get in this game and hiding from them isnt unlocked until lvl 55 makes people do dumb things exactly like you said. They see a red dot and go running for it.


                suggestions to those who cry about SMG's: throw flash bangs and aim for their head. no matter what weapon your using or going up against, nothing beats a good flash bang and a couple rounds to the head.

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                  Well said.


                  Some games I switch classes from SMG to AR when I get a feel that the other team is going to present better med-long shots than CQ. Hell of a concept I guess...

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                    Most smgs have enough range to beat ars at mid range so your cqb argument is bs they have high rof and better range than their stats indicate. Assault rifles are obsolete due to map design and smgs range. In Blops the 74u was the only smg I could use at any distance in this game all of them seem to be effective. Not to mention they come up faster even without dexterity. I really don't think they should be nerfed(except laser attachment) but assault rifles need a buff to balance it out. Oh and fix the damn lag comp!!!!

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                      amen to this topic!

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                        Don't think SMG's are overpowered, just different maps.  You analysis works perfectly in MW3 and I could charge with a Type 95 and still take out an SMG.  That style of play now will get you a really low PPM stat...Lightweight SMG's will be coming for you...KD will suffer too. 


                        I have always used assault and my k/d was always over 2...not in BO2.  First version of COD I am changing to SMG...MP7 with long barrel..have a setup that feels like the Famas.(did use MP40, but it seemed like I was cheating).


                        Picked up a Chicom CQB (SMG) off the map and I really liked it...some people tell me the SMR is the best assault rifle.

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                            I use an Assualt Rifle and my K/D is 2.01.


                            PPM is 400 too.


                            It's really not hard bro. You just have to have awareness and the reaction time of a 50 year old.

                            You have stuns, shock charges,sensor grenades, claymores, and BBs.


                            But most importantly, you have cover. If you see a red dot on the minimap, get in a position to take the best shot. Hey if you really want an easy solution, throw a laser sight on your AR. I can't tell you how many SMGs I outguned when they're right in front of me with a Type 25 or Scar with laser sight.

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                            The laser sight is overpowered, not the SMGs.


                            The SMGs work exactly the way they are meant to work - super effective at close range, competent and medium range, and effectively useless at long range.


                            Anyone who thinks the SMGs are OP, hasn't gone head to head with an SMG with a Type-25 or an AN94

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                              Well put sir, a little sense at last. ARs are most enjoyable particularly the FAL. I swear the SMG folks die by this little beastie and squeal WFT every time. Lol.


                              Just loing this game.


                              Oh and It's great to be rewarded for shelling out the coin for high qual internetz .


                              host + ghost = toast