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    kd freaks

      I have been noticing people on the opposing team not trying to get B when we have A&B in domination. They will just camp a building by our A and try to get kills. They don't care about losing lol. Winning doesn't matter anymore? KD whores are posers in my eyes. Just trying to look good on paper.

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          I'll take Objective over K:D any day.

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            I've played CoD for a long time, almost half my life, and I've met some top tier players. Those who have 2+ K/D uncomprehendable W/L (some in the hundreds) and these are full squads of people. It's safe to say they're some of the best


            I've always considered myself an above average player. I cap objectives and still hold a 2 K/D, I'm balanced even amongst balanced players. But my K/D in this game is bad, so bad in fact I wanted to compare it others on my friends list to see if it was me or just change in the game


            Almost everyone on my friend's list has a sub 2. Surprisingly, those who usually have a sub 1 are actually flirting with a 2. After trying to pick my brain off the floor I came the conclusion the this game is like rolling the dice. Every time you move somewhere there are so many things that can happen to you it's impossible to just be good. It's 25% luck, 70% weapon, and 5% skill

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                I've noticed a majority of the players on BO2 are only going for kills on obj based game modes. That, along with the small maps,campers,and too many open areas on b flags,are ruining Domination.I'm trying to save such a hartsh judgement on this game till I play it a little more,but I can't get into it at all. Might have to just stick with MW3.


                @ G

                In BO and MW3 my k/d floats at a little less than 1. Im also a major obj player so i'd rather go for captures than kills. But in BO2 im at .76...******* horrible even for me. I think it has alot to do that B flag is so open and there are so many entry points to it. I even try to go around to get A(or C) just to get flanked at the last minute,because it only takes a matter of seconds to go from one end of the map to the other.

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                It's harder going for the win when it can take up to 25 hitmarkers to kill someone plus with the rewind time,stutter walk which when it happens you know you're about to die in the next 3 seconds and can name the player about to kill you without having to see them and the freeze mid-fight it's easy to understand why some are choosing to hide out.

                ~shrug~ I don't personally do it as it's just a game and games are there to be won but it's very hard to disagree with what they're doing when for the moment the game is so perversely unbalanced.

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                  I noticed the same on capture the flag,where the enemy are winning but camp near their flag for kills,rather than capping our flag. One of the reasons why ive stopped playing Domination as well.

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                    I am in the same boat as many of you are. You can have awesome matches where you are a killing machine and then a few more matches later your a$$ is the one getting handed to you.
                    It leads me to believe that there is something in the game that is trying to even out the playing field because it is the same teams in the matches playing against each other.

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                      I haven't check out the other games yet, but it sure is nice seeing people running for tags in kill confirmed!  It's kind of annoying when people steal your tags but it's easier to get the win when people aren't ignoring them.

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                        I have noticed, they will either stay from B flag or try and run into your spawn to spawn kill. whatever floats their boat I suppose but my win loss is suffering when they are on my team.


                        I will die as many times as it takes to get the flag and win.

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                          I think a lot of us are experiencing this change in the game.  I have always been a domination player, TDM is just dull for me, I like to have something to be aiming for rather than just killing.  Sadly though that is what domination has become.


                          As already said, there are way too many vantage and access points for the b flags.  This means whoever gets it first will invariably keep it.  Treyarch knew this would happen in my opinion, which is why they have split the game into two halves.


                          When I first started on BO2 I was playing how I have always played, grab the home flag and go for b.  Now I grab the home flag and camp to defend it.  It is dull and boring but I got fed up with dying the second I move.  It's not even a case of protecting my precious KDR (I dont care what it is) it was just the fact that I was getting nowhere and ending up with a 5-30 ar$e kicking.


                          I am slowly trying to get out of this early camping habit but it is going to take time as I learn each map and just what is or isn't safe to go for.  Before anybody says "oh you must be rubbish", well I'm not great and I'm not bad, average is where I would put myself.  But my age means I dont have the reaction time to be a very good out and out run and gunner.  Although I was able to get away with it in previous CoD I cant in BO2 at the moment.


                          Quite ironic that Treyarch tried to make the game a run and gun quick fire game and it has turned out to be the exact opposite.  On the plus side, maybe off topic, but I am having fun experimenting with setups.  Even got one with no perks!

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                              Yeah I feel you. You really need your whole team involved to catch B. And sometimes even that can become a battle itself. Yes we cap A &B and don't go for C. Mainly because once we go to get C the other team catches B and we lose. We try to hold on as long as we can. B is way too much of a hassle to give up. I think they put B in the worst spots in all the maps. It is a freaking death trap! Soemtimes I feel like these Devs see what causes more emotion and conflict in the players, good or bad and put it in the game.

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                              theres nothing more annoying than playing dom and your team mates are all focused on kd ratios, so im trying to cap flags and getting pumelled coz im on my own. so i end up rage quitting till i find a team that actually wants to play the the objective. i know i should join a clan but im not interested in all that, and i only ever play dom. unfortunately i think bo2 has ruined it. 

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                                MY K/D would be 2 if Lag Compensation wouldn't exist.