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    Wish netcode was the same as MW2

      I am in the same boat as many others on this forum, being plagued by lag compensation.

      I have a decent internet connection, 80mb down and 20mb up, ping on pingtest.net is normally around 15ms.


      On pretty much all the COD games since MW2, I have had issue's where I always seem to get out gunned, yet I can pump a full clip in to someone else and I still die in an instant.


      Yesterday I put MW2 in and instantly noticed a difference. I was able to kill people normally and was straight back up to the top of the leaderboards in matches. It just felt so right and I had a real fighting chance. Put BO2 back in and it was back to being out gunned nearly all the time.


      Just wondered if other's agreed or not? MW2 had the best netcode of all the COD's.

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          Re: Wish netcode was the same as MW2

          Even on a much slower connection then yours, I have far less issues in Mw2.(80-110Ms Ping) I barely got to play the game at the time of its release but there is none of the missing hitmarkers, dead around corners, etc. Like Mw3 and BO2. Mw2 however, if I remember does benefit the Host by a huge margin, so the one person would walk around destroying people and then they'd get a nuke. Also Skipping occurred because there was no anti-skip mechanics, at least I knew when I was lagging however. Mw3 and BO2 try to hide lag.  So I don't know if it was the best it could be but I think its much more "playable" (Noob tubes being fired every second kinda ruined the game for me lol)

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              Re: Wish netcode was the same as MW2

              Tubes were so annoying, but the thing that killed Mw2 for me was the UAV/ Wall hack. I dont know if they ever patched it, but after about a month or so of it being around I sold my game. Recently bought it again for something to play when I get bored and feel like playing with a sniper or something

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              Re: Wish netcode was the same as MW2

              The thing with MW2 is that it was a reliable.  Then again so was cod4 and WaW.  In those games you knew exactly where your ping was at, and what other players were at.  You could feel it.  I didn't need to check bars to know what my ping was at.


              In Bo2 and MW3 I have to look for more subtle things to see how badly im getting screwed.

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