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    Thank you Treyarch!

      Dear Treyarch,


      I know you've been receiving a lot of... well, less than polite feedback about Black Ops 2 on these forums recently.  I just wanted to take the time to let you know that hundreds of thousands (probably the majority if the people I've spoken to are any indication) of people like me thoroughly enjoy the game you've given us even if we are significantly less vocal about it than those who hate it.  Black Ops 2 is easily the best CoD game we've gotten so far and I'll be playing it for many months (years?) to come.  Thanks for all the hard work and the great product!


      Now since I know this thread will soon be bombed with venomous comments telling me I'm an idiot for liking Black Ops 2, I'm going to save myself some time and post my reasons for dismissing most of the major complaints against the game right up front.  Warning: this may be TL:DR for some of you kiddies out there.


      1.  "Spawning sucks!"  No, it doesn't.  You just don't understand how the system works because you are too busy running all over the map like a madman.  Black Ops 2 has the most predictable spawn system ever seen in a Call of Duty game.  The spawn flop point on nearly every map (except Overflow) is right about at the 2/3 marker from your original spawn.  If someone goes past that and into the enemy spawn, enemies will begin to spawn behind you.  This can become a cascade effect since the probability of an enemy spawning there increases with the number of enemies in close proximity to the spawn.  This is why you keep getting shot in the back.  If both teams are spread all over the map, the game will spawn you in the best place it can come up with in the few seconds after you die.  Sometimes this is right in front of an enemy.  That's what happens when everyone runs around like they're playing Quake Arena.  If you don't like crazy spawns or getting shot in the back, stop going into the other team's spawn area.  This doesn't mean you have to camp, it just means you shouldn't go past the 2/3 point on any given map.  If you get a good team together and use your heads more than your legs, you can easily predict and even control the spawning patterns of a less organized team.   Or maybe you'd like to return to the ridiculously random spawning found in MW3? 


      2.  "Lag compensation sucks!"  No, it doesn't.  All modern big-name titles use lag compensation in some form.  They have to.  Have you ever played a peer-to-peer game that doesn't use lag compensation?  Unless you are playing with someone practically next door, it usually results in bullet lag (I'm talking a full second delay on impact), players skipping around unpredicatably, and choppiness for the person shooting.  It's true that sometimes lag comp causes some weird and perhaps not totally legitimate things to happen, but for every one bad death you get as a result of it you probably get five kills that you didn't even realize it helped you with.  I hope the next CoD game is on dedicated servers, but lag comp will always be a part of any multiplayer game.  Given the huge number of people who play CoD and the massive variation in internet connection quality among those players, Blops 2 would be essentially unplayable without it.


      3.  "The maps suck!"  I suppose this one is too subjective to really argue effectively, but I like all of the maps except Overflow.  They are about the right size (bigger than MW3, smaller than Blops 1) and eliminate the frustratingly predictable linearity that the MW maps tend to have.  There is a lot of verticality in most of them and yes, there are a lot of angles looking at any given spot.  That's how a good shooter map should be.  You should never be totally safe, and in Black Ops 2 you never are.  No position offers full view of a map thanks to some cleverly strategic object placement and there are always multiple ways to approach any given spot.  The maps are also varied in terms of appearance and layout and like I said before they all feature predictable spawn flop points that good teams can use to control the game.   I can't understand the complaint against bright colors being used, either.  Would you really prefer a return to the grey, brown, black pallet of the MW games or even Blops 1? 


      4. "SMGs are overpowered!"  No more so than in any other CoD game or even other shooters.  Core mode weapon selection in these games almost always results in the weapon with the highest RoF being chosen.  In nine out of ten cases, that's an SMG.  This is why I play hardcore.  All the weapons are equally effective against a squishy human target (as they should be since they are modern military-grade firearms), so weapon choice comes down to personal preference and style instead of a default most-bullets-least-time selection.  I think you guys are suffering from a bit of selective amnesia as well; the P-90 started off overpowered in nearly every CoD game it's appeared in and Blops 1 featured an AK-74 that would make God jealous in its early days.  That's just part of CoD's design and always has been.  If you don't like it, there are game modes that will eliminate the issue.  Otherwise, shut up and wait for the inevitable nerf.  Goodness. 


      I think that about covers it.  Thanks again Treyarch!  I'm off to finish up my first prestige. 

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          Re: Thank you Treyarch!

          haha, typical first post discussion. You want to get attention of having a thread that becomes a flame war. congrats

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              Re: Thank you Treyarch!

              I don't understand this thinking.

              It's no wonder all you see is complaining.

              The second someone makes one comment saying they actually enjoy something, they get jumped on.


              And all that good stuff.

              At this point, being a newer COD player, I'm more disappointed in the community than the developers.


              Sure, BO2 could use some tweaks and I'd bet a dollar against any of you impatient toddlers it's going to get them.

              Personally, I agree with most of this post. Though, I do hate the maps. Especially Turbine. Should pretty much only be in Groundwar, in my opinion.

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                Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                You're wrong.  I have no interest in a flame war.  I just thought it would be nice for the devs to see that there are those of us who think they've done a great job.  "Typical first post."  Judge much?

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                Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                I like the write - up. And I agree with you on most of them! These forums are usually all about X company sucks and X game is better. Nice to see to positives!

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                  Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                  Well I think the maps are terrible, the spawns are as bad as you can imagine, the netcode is horrific and the gunplay is the worst in the entire series.  At the end of the day all this stuff comes down to personal opinion.


                  The biggest problem is treyarch had always focused on rewarding skilled play previously.  Now they jumped into bed with IW and made the most casual friendly game they possibly could.

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                      Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                      I don't think there's much about Black Ops 2 that can be called casual friendly outside of the matchmaking.  Players who don't know what they are doing are usually utterly demolished by those who do and the game has a pretty steep learning curve if you ever want to do well. 


                      I've already gone over the spawns so I won't beat that dead horse, but I challenge you to find me another peer-to-peer multiplayer game that has run as well as this one in its first week.  I've had a few issues here or there, but for the most part my group of 20 or so rotating friends have had very few major problems.  20 may not be high enough to be statistically valid, but it's enough for me to feel comfortable saying that a majority of Blops 2 players are getting along just fine.  The forums are full of compainers that make it seem like the game is broken for everyone, but that's only because the vast majority of the community is too busy enjoying the game to come over to the forums and defend it (thus my post).  It may be worse for you because of some variable that I don't know about, but the netcode is working just fine on my end 90% of the time and will be vastly improved in the coming weeks/months.  Online multiplayer will never work 100% perfectly 100% of the time.   You either accept that or you don't play.

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                      Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                      Sixgears2 wrote:


                      Given the huge number of people who play CoD and the massive variation in internet connection quality among those players, Blops 2 would be essentially unplayable without it.



                      Hmmm, so how did we do it back in the days of Unreal Tournament?  Back then it was dedicated servers (I used to lease one myself) and you could SEE what kind of game you were getting in (see your ping on that server and every players ping to make your own judgement on whether or not you wanted to play in THAT game [i.e. if the player/team ping was balanced]).  I also don't believe UT had any lag compensation, it was straight up.  They had mods like Zero Ping, which basically made it just like this lag compensation in COD...everything LOOKS legit, feels like it has no lag...but your shots just don't register...they would shoot right through guys.


                      Either way, with ALLLLLLLLLLLLL those players, why not give us the option to pick our own matches vs forcing us on lag compensation and THEIR matchmaking algorithm.  Expose the information, get ride of this crap 1 bar, 2 bar, 3 bar, 4 bar connection icon which is utterly useless and let us connect to a host (if you aren't going dedicated servers) and see what everyone's ping is to that host.  Give us the OPTION to join lobbies without lag compensation.


                      The way this game operates is like taking a step backwards, you are forcing whatever your worldwide solution ideal is (and it's inherent flaws based on your assumptions) and stripping away the judgement ability of gamers to choose their own games.  Right now we have NO IDEA what kind of game we are getting into until we start playing it and wind up emptying 30 rounds into a guy while he picks up his gun and shoots us with 1 shot for the kill.  Whatever conditions create that I would like to avoid, and the only way I can avoid is it by either not playing the game or having MORE information in which to make a decision as to whether or not that game lobby is one I'd like to play in.  Right now, the latter is NOT an option, only the prior is.


                      JMHO, but this game is virutally unplayable for me right now.  I haven't prestiged yet, perhaps there's some magic pill combination of gun/attachments/perks that will help offset some of the lag compensation...but more than half the time I feel like I might as well not even have a gun in the game because pretty much everyone is unkillable.

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                          Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                          I don't disagree that a server list could be added, but Call of Duty has always been about sitting down, pressing two or three buttons, and being in a game.  Most players are not going to want to sift through unsightly region-based server lists to find a game with 10 ms less ping than the one they are put into automatically.  Besides, the number of legitimately laggy games I've found myself in is probably less than 10% of my total games played.  That's a pretty good average.  If you''d like server lists I think that (correct me if I'm wrong) the PC  version of Blops 2 includes them.  They are only really found in PC games these days since consoles have become all about ease of use and quick action (BF3 is a notable exception).  It may be time for you to switch platforms. 


                          As far as the Unreal Tournament argument (love that game, by the way), you said it yourself: it had dedicated servers.  Peer-to-peer is a whole different animal.  I do agree that the next CoD basically has to be on dedicated servers and there's little reason that they haven't switched yet, but this is the best running peer-to-peer game I think I've ever played.  Is it perfect?  No, but no P2P multiplayer will be.  Interestingly, BF3 and Gears of War 3 both ran on dedicated servers and still employed lag compensation.


                          Overall the lag comp is simply the lesser of two evils.  Sure, you may alienate those with ludicrously fast internet and those with incredibly slow internet, but those probably account for 5-10% (estimate) of the community.  Everyone else falls into a middle speed range and for those people lag compensation must exist if everything is to run as smoothly as possible. 

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                              Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                              Yeah, all I was thinking about when I was reading your first paragraph was BF3

                              I think the server list there is very workable and not too much effort for a gamer to select through.

                              I was a big PC gamer for years, but switched to XBOX awhile back...I'm cool with XBOX (although I miss the mouse and keyboard dexterity).


                              UT may have been the best game ever honestly...CTF-IG was awesome! haha


                              I get the whole alientation and minority/majority aspect...but most gamers don't care who they are playing with.  I have ZERO interest in playing with someone from the other side of the world.  I can guarantee 99% of gamers want a smooth and lag free playing game over playing worldwide.  In fact, in UT...it was the same several dozen players that played CTF-IG together daily...great competition, good connections, virtually equal playing field.   At least there you could see your latency and have some control over where you wanted to play.  Now I can't tell who is even host, what my latency to them is, what the latency of anyone is, what influence lag compensation has on it...it's basically a crapshoot.  Fortunately for you, you're only seeing lag in 10% of your games...I'm seeing it in 95% of mine...and there's pretty much nothing I can do about it.


                              I posted a question on here earlier about Private vs Public matches.  When I played 2v2 with local friends (all within 50 miles of each other, all with good cable connections)...the game played very fluid.  After we were done, I went right into Public and was overwhelmed by the lag compensation.  Made me wonder if Private matches don't have LC and Public does?  Or perhaps just because we were all so close there was far less lag compensation?


                              Either way, the match making and perhaps just the volatility of connections trying to make a "broad" player solution is a big problem for many of us (really always has been, but seems worse in BO2 than MW3 or BO).  And if you factor in trying to run these games (8v8 - 12v12+) on a single person's HOME network and xbox hardware (versus a much more robust network backbone and dedicated server power)...it seems kinda ridiculous to me.   Even back in the UT days, if you tried to run a server on your desktop the game played like crap...just couldn't handle the demands of hosting the game.  It took dedicated servers with more resources and network bandwidth to handle the game.

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                                  Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                  I'm not trying to be patronizing, but have you set your search preferences to "best"?  I did that early on and it may be the reason I'm not having many issues.  It takes longer to get into a game, but I think it's worth it.  I'm sure you've thought of this already as welll, but have you reset your modem/router and made sure you don't have anything running in the background and chewing up your bandwidth?


                                  As far as the lack of 2v2 private match lag comp, I'd say that the smoothness was probably due to a combination of the fact that you are very close geographically and the fact that a 2v2 game requires vastly less bandwidth and processing power than a 6v6 game.  The relatively low network demands there probably meant that there was little lag to be compensated for, which would explain you noticing its absence.  Unfortunately, it's impossible for that smoothness to be translated into the big, wide world.  The game normally tries not to pair you with international players (if you have your preferences set to "best"), but sometimes it doesn't work out cleanly.  There's no way around this unfortunately and I can defnitely understand that it must suck to be one of the minority of players who gets screwed by the blanket lag comp.  Still, I think the devs made the right call since they were most likely forced by Activision to stick with P2P multiplayer for this outing.


                                  You and I are in agreement about the need for dedicated servers, and I think we're going to get them next round.  Sorry it isn't working well for you in the mean time.  Hopefully the search preferences thing will help.

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                                      Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                      Yep, set to BEST last week once I read that tip somewhere.

                                      Also repowered my cable modem and router, running hardwired to the XBOX.

                                      Nothing else is running/hitting the internet when I game.


                                      Ah this is nothing new, it's just a whole lot worse.  In MW3 I adjusted, I would lose most CQ battles so I opted for leveraging my aim and distance to offset it.  The ACR helped accomplish that.  My only hope is really finding a weapon/attachment/perk combo that will allow me to do the same.  And obviously once I know the maps better, and the spawn points/flips, and how players tend to run them...I can leverage that as well.  But even with what I'm seeing in early weapons (SMGs or ARs), it's taking A LOT of bullets to kill a guy.  The ACR in MW3 was consistently 3-4 hit marker kills even with a silencer at longer ranges...very rarely 5+ unless the lag was horrendous.  In BO2...I'm seriously emptying 30 rounds in a guy to kill them.  Maybe it's rate of fire vs hit detection on the SMGs, and at distances with the ARs so far...I've hit guys 6-8 times and watched them run across the map, getting hit the whole time to reach cover...that's just insane.


                                      Well I hope it works out.  I'll give it a prestige and weapon trial...but if I can't find a magic offset combo, I'll probably give it up.  In the Private matches all weapons were unlocked, so I have a few combos in mind that might work out solid...we shall see.

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                                Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                I've been an avid defender of the game since release as I have been enjoying it and having success, but I do feel cracks are starting to show for me and I am wondering about some of the design decisions.


                                1)Spawns- Yes, to a degree a good team can control the Spawns, but there are serious issues with the spawn system. You don't have to run around carelessly anymore for the spawns to flip. There are maps where people spawn on top of one another even if a team is holding an area. Some maps are better than others, but I don't think I can argue the spawns aren't flawed.


                                2) Haven't had a major issue with Lag Comp, but there is still an obvious shift if I get into maps in which the connections are jumpy. Seen a few lobbies in which one side had solid 4 bar connections while my team's connections jumped from 2 to 4 and you can truly see the difference this makes in game. Shots don't land, players seemingly materialize around corners. I haven't had this happen a lot, but had my fair share of WTF moments.


                                3) The maps are decent. Not as cluttered as MW3, not as vast as some previous titles. My big issue with the maps has become two-fold. Some of the map design leads to spawn issues(Raid and Meltdown come to mind), and some maps basically force you to camp, (See Overflow, Yemen, or Drone). The thing that scares me most, however... is that I am tired of playing some maps already. There are maps in Black Ops 1 that I still love playing to this day, it doesn't bode well if some of these are wearing on me already.


                                4) I don't agree with the SMG's are overpowered argument. I play HC only, and while the SMGs are powerful, I have found that at any kind of range their effectiveness becomes questionable. They spray a bit too much to be reliable and will lose gunfights against ARs or LMGs at range. Even in HC I will get Hit Markers if I try to engage from long range. Up close and personal they are vicious as they should be, but I don't feel they are like the MP7 or PP90 in MW3 where they were a laser beam that I could snipe you across the map with. Perhaps in core it is more of an issue as the fire rate trumps the power, but in HC I don't feel like they are OP.


                                Like I said, I've been a big supporter of the game, but there are definitely some issues and things that make me shake my head.

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                                    Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                    No game is perfect.  I've got a few nit-picky issues with Blops 2 myself (like the fact that we hardcore players don't have the option of enjoying league play or Nuketown 2025), but I think Blops 2 is just about the best shooter (possibly tied with BF3) I've played this generation when taken as a whole package.  I think the issue is that the CoD games are so polished and so refined at this point that players have begun to expect that the next one will be flawless which, of course, can never happen.


                                    While I have yet to see enemies spawn into an area being competently anchored by a decent team, I'll admit that one two maps (Overflow and Hijacked), the odd layouts sometimes lead to strange spawning patterns.  They are still predictable, but you've really got to be paying attention.  The spawn system isn't perfect, but no spawn system ever will be.  It certainly isn't as broken as people on these forums make it out to be.


                                    As for the lag comp, I have already said I've seen some stange stuff happen.  It just isn't frequent or severe enough for it to be a major concern.  In the few games I've played where there was something not quite right, I simply left and joined another game nearly instantly.  That's about as easy of a fix as one could ask for.  Until we get dedicated servers, we are going to sometimes get bad hosts.  That's the nature of the beast.


                                    About the maps: like I said before, I enjoy all the maps except Overflow.  Some promote camping as you pointed out, but others promote balls-to-the-wall shoot 'em ups where it is difficult to maintain any control.  I think that's good.  Each map should encourage a different playstyle in a game like this.  Otherwise you run the risk of it becoming stale before DLC can be pushed out. 

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                                      Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                      You and me both.


                                      I defended Blops1 heavily, and I mean really heavily...I didn't have much lag problems but it was because I actually had the worst connection at the time so it really benifited me.


                                      I also defended this game before it came out and said it would be great...I still think it can be but the problems really are showing.


                                      I think they can be fixed, but the lag issues are the main killer...I think everything else is pretty decent except the maps just being terrible IMO.

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                                      Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                      People are running all over the place because, like you previously mentioned, "you should never be totally safe, and in Black Ops 2 you never are". In Black Ops 2, we're all forced to keep moving to avoid red dot chasing noobs like yourself that could come at us from any direction. That's why people are getting enemies shooting them as soon as they spawn, k?

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                                          Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                          Firstly, you know nothing about my playstyle, so please don't make judgements about how or how well I play.  Thanks.


                                          Second, if you don't like the idea of someone playing Pac Man with their mini-map, shoot down the damn UAVs (there are three hard counters for them for goodness sakes) or use a suppressor if you insist on playing the map-reading course that people call Core.  In most rooms I've joined UAVs are down almost before the first radar sweep.  So... you're doing it wrong.  Alternately, play hardcore and revel in the fact that there is no mini-map in the absence of UAVs. 


                                          For the record, I do think CUAV should cost the same in terms of score as UAVS.   Still, though, there's really no excuse for getting dominated by UAVs when you've got Blackhats and AA launchers with two missiles in them.  You'll just have to do without being able to show off your uber l33t pistol skills or irritating shock darts.  Tragic, I know.

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                                          Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                          there is a problem with your logic when it comes to spawning.


                                          1. the 2/3rds rule is a bad rule because it promotes spawn camping. two mapes where this is extremly prevelant(from CTF experience only):


                                          1. hijacked:

                                          in hijacked one simply needs to sit outside either running lane of the boat as the players spawn on the sides of the running lanes on the decks. what this causes is a spawn raping fest where unknowing players that simply enter the game are instant kills no matter what happens. if you are lucky, you get spawned inside the ship and if you are lucky and no one is sitting under deck, you may be able to make it to the other side. if one tteam has 1 cap, all they have to do is setup the spawn trap and they will win the round and gather massive score streaks to be used on the next round where the spawn raping will begin again.


                                          2. Slum:

                                          Same senario here. with either side ont going past the fountain area walls to the other sides area. you have 3 run routs which can easliy be controlled. you can even sit inside the center section with bouncing betties and shock sticks and the other team will cfall perfectly into the trap. or sit under the arches next to the wall and you can spawn **** the left side.


                                          you can say that this is players taking advantage of how the game is built and i can say that why would i want to enter a match and get continually spawn raped?


                                          this was an issue in BLOPS when it came out as well. somehow, it's just fine now after all this time and work in patches. im sure the same can and hopefully will, be done to this game.

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                                              Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                              Unfortunately, predictable/stable spawning will occasionally result in the system being exploited by good teams in certain game modes.  I don't play CTF because in my experience--and this isn't just in Blops 2--it tends to just be TDM with easier spawn killing thanks to the semi-set spawning.  I've yet to notice any overt spawn trapping in Hardcore TDM; most of the spawn control comes from one team attempting to hold the spawn they want.  In fact, the games I've enjoyed the most have been the ones where my squad is attempting desperately to keep the good positions out of enemy hands while they try desperately to take them or vice versa.  It lends a sense of objective and direction to what would otherwise be a chaotic, random affair (see: MW3). 


                                              I guess what I'm getting at is that CTF isn't really a fair analysis of the spawn system as a whole since it is necessarily anchored by the flag positions.  To see the spawn system running full-force with no external factors, you've got to play TDM.  And TDM spawning is working just fine for me.

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                                              Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                              Game is good, 90% of community just need something to complain about. I complained about the changes to ghost but it's working just fine. Best CoD yet? Maybe, each one has had it's moments. Overall great game.

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                                                Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                                Spawns maps and hit decetion are all better then mw3 and thats all that matters

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                                                    Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                                    I disagree on all 3 of those points. I dislike the CQC cluttered maps, the spawns are the worst ever(On Standoff You can actually see 3 enemy spawn ponts and kill them before they even move) and gun fights are no longer about skill.


                                                    The game is built for noobs that want a 1/1 kd and don't want to work for a kill.

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                                                    Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                                    first when you spawn and take two steps and die, game after game after game then yes the spawns suck, secondly when the lag comp makes it so your bullets are being shot at the target obviosly hitting and you get no hitmarkers then in the kill cam it says you shot one bullet when you emptied your clip, then yes the ping sucks( not at being being apart of the game just for the crappy performance of the ping), thirdly the maps are catered , always have been after black ops 1, in this game its for runners and campers with a few good sniper maps, but MW2 had the best diversity, many of maps for every play style on almost every map, lastly when an smg can take out snipers ya its over powered plain and simple. Sniper sees a runner lines him up shots then another guy comes out with a smg sniper puts bullets into the runners chest but black ops lols him ands says your nullets didnt hit the ping says so, then the runner shoots the sniper nearly cross map kills him then the sniper spawns and gets shot in the face or back then spawns again on other side of the map only to get shot in the face again, yes this multiplayer aspect of the game, which isnt just something that happens to snipers, is complete ****, because they had the same, ping, spawn, and bullet tracking problems in black ops 1, modern warfare may have very linear maps, but at least in mw2 when i spawned on sub base, or wasteland or afgan, or terminal i was safe for a good few ( 5-10) seconds to get my bearings and plan out my next move. I cant get over a 6 or 9 killstreak, not because i suck, i have gotten over a hundred kills in a single match on moth mw2 and black ops 1, but because usually there is some random guy that either spawns behing me, or i shoot him multiple of times and he eats bullets thanks to trey arch, so yes your arguement is invalid, if me and half they community can see all these lovely problems they had in their game from 2 years ago

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                                                      Re: Thank you Treyarch!

                                                      Good post OP I agree with your points and find on balance I am enjoying the game. Could I add the following;


                                                      1. Like the map designs particularly now I know the maps routes and site lines a little better. Opponent behaviour has become a little more predictable over previous CoDs and my stats are climbing.


                                                      2. Pick 10 system is excellent


                                                      3. Latency comp is working adequately on Normal setting yielding some good and bad games but at this point in the release cycle, I am experiencing lag to be a liitle better than BO and MW3 when they were a mere week in. The user base and usage patterns will start to hit steady state just before Xmas for a couple of weeks. We we all be in a better position to judge then. I would expect the first round of tweaks would be released about this time if needed, notwithstanding lag is manageable.


                                                      3. Graphic are just great


                                                      5. Gun balance is fine by me I enjoy most of the guns I have used. I particularly find the sniper contrail to be a help as I am not very experienced in this class.


                                                      6. Spawns have become a little more managable where I am as players have started to learn to maps and play a little more tactically. The insta-death effect of MW3 is starting to abate for me. This tells me the spawn algorithm is not to bad and its map design and player behaviour that are the main contributors to the spawns ATM.


                                                      7. Love the emblem editor. Would be great if they could add a group function to group so emblems could be easily scaled. Not necessary just a thought.


                                                      8. Prestige system is the best yet. So much choice.


                                                      9. Perks seems well balanced with counters for everything if you take some time to work them out and then build classes. So far I have solid anti air class, good stealth class (just love ghosts have to be mobile to work), couple of rusher classes and a mid long range set up.


                                                      10. The devs have the tools to tweek and will do so based on the data not emotional rant. This approach makes it clear to me that the devs seek to improve the game more on actual performance and less on the vitriol of the vocal few. This is a hard decision but ultimately the right choice for the franchise.


                                                      Over all I am enjoying the game and moving to my second prestige. Anyway off for a more coffee and a little BO2 prior to work.

                                                      Last Edited: Nov 19, 2012 6:52 PM