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    Mode where you can't camp

      Not sure if this was ever mentioned here, but I'm bringing it up. Why not make a mode where you can only camp for a few seconds, or you have to be on the move at all times? Camping is an annoying occurance. I know there's nothing wrong with camping, but this isn't a real war, this is a video game and it's annoying to see someone camping over a box and being able to shoot even though it should be impossible.


      So I'm proposing a mode where you cannot sit in the same spot for more than a few seconds, or you lose points for sitting in the same spot, either laying down, prone or standing.


      What do you guys think?

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          i thought that has happened in the game if u use blind eye and lie down prone it gets cancelled out and you show up on the map.... could be wrong but....

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            As an avid RunNGunner I'd love this. Something where you die if you are still for more than 5 seconds. A bit extreme maybe, but I certainly prefer dealing with enemies in motion than enemies that are waiting for me to run around the corner.


            Please note: I don't dislike campers, I just really like the chaos of everyone running around. Multi-Team is kinda awesome for that.

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              I thought that was already in the game.  If a camper is camping a corner run around them and shoot them is that simple. 

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                camping is a tactic get over it and learn to deal with them

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                  if you can't kill the camper, you're doing it wrong

                  you know where he is, you know what gun he has most likely, as i assume they only annoy you if they kill you so you're able to tell what gun he has

                  people can only look 1 way, find another route and take him out, blast a RPG in his spot, throw in a C4 etc etc


                  seriously if you can't deal with a stationary target *facepalm*


                  no wonder this game only has "coked up gerbils speed" as only way to play it with complainers like you that complain about trivial stuff you should be very well able to work around

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                    What a ridiculous idea !

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                      Ridiculous idea - as annoying as they are, they should only be able to get you once. If I come across someone that's camping, I head straaght back to get them. On the rare occassion I am unable to get them out of their corner, I break out what I refer to as my B*tch Kit - loaded with as many explosive devices as my loadout will allow. Haven't built one yet for BO2 as not necessary, but on MW2 it has noob tubes, RPGs, grenades and whatever the perk is to increase explosive damage.

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                        personally i find the camping + bouncing betty+shock stick combo to be highly cowardly like. in particular on slum where spawn trapping is so easy.

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                          If you only play one style then you are missing out. I dont camp but on big maps Im not gonna run around with my MP7 while there are snipers everywhere. Im gonna aim down my ACOG and target them so getting killed for taking 5 seconds to aim is stupid! If you cant kill campers then you got problems!!!!! They already make you move with ghost so I think you just want everyone to line up in front of you and take turns letting you shoot them cause ur a crybaby. I hate playing with wannabe runners on my team who go 6-21.

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                            But how can you "stop" someone from playing a certain way?  How about if you move to much you should get rooted to the ground because you are too had to shoot on the run?  It's a play style and therefore should be allowed no matter what.


                            Sure it can get annoying but after it happens, don't run and get killed in the same spot a 2nd time.  Just have to adjust that's all.

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                              Camping is a legimate playstyle. It has always been here and will always be here. I run and gun almost exclusively, but I respect a good camper when I see one. ie) they hold down an area.


                              Corner camping is annoying but is still legitimate. It usually done exclusively by weak players who are not familar with the game. You may die occasionally from a corner camper but it shouldnt be constant unless you are as bad as them.


                              The real issue behind corner camping is map design. If you make cluttered maps full of 90 degree corners and head glitch spots, then people will sit in them. If you make simpler maps with less clutter (cod 4) then the better players soon pick out the few camp spots and check them regularly. The problem with too much clutter is that it leaves to many corners to check, while still being able to move at a fast pace to the correct area of the map.


                              I like the fact that they made ghost a rushers perk now, as when flanking and the enemy pops an UAV, you are very exposed. This is perfect for stopping the corner camper + ghost combo from black ops 1.


                              However adding in more cluttered maps will most likely negate this.

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                                i respect those who camp while defending an objective in an objective style play list, such as HQ or hard point where your camping is only to defend the base. Players who camp in areas of the map far away from objectives with no intention of attacking/defending an objective are the problem. Especially when it is so easy to attain a UAV (the most over powered kill streak in the game IMO, due to the fact ghost isnt unlocked until lvl 55).


                                I would suggest playing hard point. Been playing it for a few days now and it seems i hardly run into campers other than those who are defending the point, which i would consider defending and not camping anyways. Another great suggestion would be to use your permenant unlock on ghost to save you from those wonderful people who camp to get a UAV and then go on a killing spree because everyone on the enemy team is lit up like a christmas tree.

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                                  Many people camp because they've learned that the horrible lag comp code is worse when your moving. If you're sitting still or prone your shots count. If you're moving they don't. Next time you get killed by someone where you shot first, watch the kill cam. It shows that you either didnt shoot or your bullets are way way off target. On your screen you had the enemy in sight, locked on and shooting his head. If you had been prone or still your shots would have registered, winning the gun fight.


                                  This is why I don't understand why the dev's of COD have gone to the extremes to omit camping by splitting ghost like perks over several different slots and unlocking ghost and Counter UAV at the end of the rank. The correct fix would have been to fix the lag compensation code.


                                  If people's bullets registered and worked when moving they wouldnt want to camp.


                                  This works both ways too. If you're bullets worked when you ran up on a camper you'd weed them out quickly and wouldnt care if someone was camping.


                                  The Poor Coded Lag Compensation in COD Promotes camping!