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    Patch 1.03 has ruined my game!!! (lag comp and matchmaking)

      My KDR has dropped from 2.4 to 2.00. I have played about 6 hours since the patch and I have gone from getting VTOLs and stealth choppers consistantly to being lucky to get a lightning strike.


      In MW3 (because of my 35meg connection) i got host all the time and had horrible lag compensation (delay over laggers and a frame rate drop) but before 1.03, black ops was quite reasonable. I would sometimes get host but then next game someone else might. Since the patch, I am constantly shooting at people in the back, getting 3 hits on them before they begin shooting and the moment they begin, I get raped even though I had a 3 shot head start... They have clearly changed the lag compensation mechanics and it is now far too aggressive,


      As well as that, the 'best' search preference no longer works. I have not had one local (UK) lobby in all the time played since patch (before it worked a treat, nearly always putting me with players no further than 300 miles of me).


      This is disgusting.. How can they bring out an update that destroys such simple processes? Are these people complete amateurs???