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    Assault Rifles vs. Subs

      The balance between subs and assault rifles is way off guys. Please make this right as there is no skill for play needed right now, all you need is a sub. Just takes the fun away.

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          Full auto ARs seem to be ok, but burst and single shot ARs are damn near impossible to use. The FAL is a 4 shot kill, it's a single shot weapon so by the time you get 3 shots off your as good as dead. I would like to see more damage and range for those ARs with lower firing rates

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              I agree @ghamorra, but my issue is a different one.


              Take the Scar, a weapon used in previous CoD games, not the best auto gun, but a good overal choise.

              Well it was... Inacurate as hell! And I do understand that is. Why? well the timeline is 2025, so the Scar is pretty old (like the FAL although it's looks are upgraded).


              But than, I will take a diffent assault rifle right? something more acurate/faster/stronger whatever.

              Ok I shoot straight, but whenever I stand accros someone with a SMG... I Die.


              Everyone dont go flaming about skills now, I know im no pro.. but when I take a SMG with me instead of a assault rifle, I kill 80% of the ppl that owned me so hard moments ago. Ever wonder why everyone is running around with a SMG?


              And im not only talking close range. I do understand a SMG is stronger/faster at close range. This thing happens at medium range and sometimes at longrange too. (AGOC etc.)


              imho, the main problem is that the hitpoint damage of both SMG and assault rifle are to close to eachother. That way, a way faster SMG is king over assault rifle anytime, unless you got the range with you, were "mostly" the assault rifle is more accurate. So thats the secondairy problem, accuracy at medium and maybe long rage to high for the SMG.


              Now, if you still want to flame me? go play hardcore, were hitpoint dont matter, and were I will beat yo SMG

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                  I dont know. Im pretty good with an SMG on the smaller maps but I can definitely say Im at a noticeable disadvantage on the bigger ones. The larger maps I have to usually switch to an assault rifle and my kills go up almost instantly. I go from shooting a lot of guys in the back multiple times and they keep running to killing them. Now that I have long barrel for the MP7 that may change but Im not sure.

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                  I second what G write, single shot weapons are not effective currently.

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                    The FAL is a 2-3hk

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                    This is by far worse balancing between Subs and AR's.  Even MW3 was better than this balancing act.  MP7 in this game has become even more of a gods gun with a laser and ext mags.  It's near impossible to kill someone with a FAL or SMR.  I have always loved the FAL in all games, but this has steered me away very quickly with it's bs damage.  The FAL should be no more than a 2-3 shot kill, and the SMR should be a 2 shot kill considering it does more damage.  There should be no way in hell that the Skorpion Evo should be stronger than any assault rifle.  Especially considering the ammo sizes that they carry.

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                      Put a laser on the type25 for when the smg users are in your face. Just hip fire them lol. works for me.

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                        3 things are causing this "inbalance" IMO


                        1) people not knowing the maps- new game, and people play one of two ways. They either lay down in their spawn, or they run around like a jackass. Running around like a jackass means your going to stumble upon a lot of CQC. SMGs dominate that, therefore an SMG is the gun of choice


                        2) connection issues- again the lag and such are to be expected this close to release, but it really screws up low fire rate ARs. I've absolutely wrecked the enemy with the M8 on a good connection, but when the connection goes a little bit south these guns struggle. I know when I'm lagging no matter what map the PDW or MSMC is coming out because its the only way I stand a chance, and I'm guessing others feel the same way


                        3) The better ARs aren't unlocked until late- IMO the Scar, AN94 and M8 are the best ARs IMO. They're unlocked at 40, 55 and 49. The best two SMGs, the PDW57 and MSMC are both unlocked before level 28. Early in the game people gravitate toward the better guns. As more people prestige they'll start unlocking these better ARs and stop using the SMGs


                        I think this inbalance will go away after a while and become less noticeable

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                          Funny there is another guy who has started a thread on the Fal being overpowered lol