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    Which guns are UNDERpowered?

      Any ideas?

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          personally i think lmg are a little under powered ive seen people run through my bullets to kill me plus im convinced the first few bullets dont even count even if you hit the person your aiming at

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                 None really. Just EVERY FRICKEN SHOTGUN in the game! They have absolutely no power at range. I mean, even the R-870 (a pump-action shotgun) just plain sucks! The KSG would be decent if it didn't shoot slugs; they're just so hard to be accurate with!


                 @Pker It's a pump-action shotgun that's only useful in some very tight areas. I expected the R-870 to be a bit better at medium range since it's pump-action, but it's just a hitmarker machine at med range! And what's the point of having the long barrel attachment when it can't even get a 1 shot kill within the 15% range boost provided? The "fully auto" shotgun and semi-auto boast 2 shot kills when 5 feet away, and 3-4 shot kills when 10 feet away!


                 Using the KSG is like hipfiring with a sniper that only works in med range. It just doesn't feel like a shotgun and is hard to use in these laggy times because it just shoots one slug so if you're hipfiring and your target is mostly but isn't completely within your crosshairs, you could miss and sometimes if you're aiming directly at your target you could still miss! Laser sights help, but don't solve the problem. BTW I get solid 4 bar connections in 19/20 games.

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                Agreed, shotguns really got the short end of the stick for this game.  Horrible hipfire performance and retardedly poor damage at range make them next to useless compared to almost any other weapon in the game.  Smgs can hipfire amazingly well in cqc, and several are laser accurate while ads.  In a game full of head glitchers laser accurate high fire rate infinite range weapons>>>massive spread scatter guns that take a large number of pellets to kill outside of knife range.

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                    Are we playing a different game?


                    Everyone in Blops 2 uses the R870 shotgun with long barrel, laser sight attachments.


                    This close-medium range shotgun has deadly accuracy and no recoil after shot. Shotguns carry a huge blast and should atleast let the soldier flinch.


                    I wouldn't consider the shotty underpowered in this game.

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                        I fairly sure that "everyone" does not use the 870 considering most people use smgs and ARs.


                        This extreme close range shotgun can only one shot out to 11 meters, has terrible hipfire performance, and the flinch caused is not nearly enough to save you from anyone when the fire rate is only 80 rpm. 


                        Stock mw3 spas without damage/range with steady aim could one shot out to almost 14 meters.  in blops 2 you have to ads to kill 3 meters shorter than stock mw3 shotgun hipfire.


                        You and I are not playing the same game.

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                    Half the assault rifles.

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                      All mine ...

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                        SWAT-556 for sure. Thing is a burst fire weapon and its taking 3 burts to kill people.