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    Which gun do YOU think is OP?

      Personally there is a lot of balance as expected for a treyarch game and thats a great thing, however, there is like 1-2 guns that seem like everyone is using it. the first being the skorpion, it is really powerful not gonna lie, the other the msmc, it is seems like a good gun but haven't used it much, just seen it a lot. The 3rd one, yes i know 3rd, is the FAL, i mean is it better than the SMD (or the other semi-auto assualt rifle) What do you think?


      P.S. I have heard the mp7 is OP, but i think a lot people are using it only because the mw3 one was, but in this one, it takes more bullets to kill and range is so much less than in mw3. But i don't think it is OP