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        lol i do music sometimes when I'm playing as well. Nothing makes you feel like a badass then rocking out to your favorite song

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          I tried out Awareness and was able to hear the enemy while playing SnD (TB X41's). Without it I cannot hear anything from the enemy. And I noticed that it is pretty much useless if any team mates are around because their footsteps seem to drown out the enemys.

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            Just a little BUMP.


            Thanks for the feedback and opinions so far guys!
            Glad I'm not alone here.

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              I was using Dead Silence and Awareness at the same time and still got knifed in the back.


              What's the point of those perks if they don't work...

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                Lol, thats exactly the point I'm trying to make.
                They are rather useless with the way things are atm.

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                  The foodsteps are there you just need to play whit the sound options. In options it need to be high frequency or supercrunch. And in your headset you need to boost the high frequency aswel. So i got turtle beach one and preset 6 footsteps has become useless you need the preset 2 if i'm not mistaken. The footsteps are very loud and clear i can hear poeple run half way across the map. Ofcourse if they use gost your screwed again. But thats normal.

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                    I have a headset. I use super crunch. I use DS and Awareness at the same time.


                    I still get shot the back too.

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                      The great thing about inaudible footsteps, is that it effectively renders 2 perks in third tier effectively useless. That makes our class creation process a heck of a lot easier.


                      I don't have a problem with no footsteps.


                      I play with an expensive headset, and to be honest, given how much of a pain in the ass SitRep Pro was to obtain in MW3, I stopped focusing on being that sound-whore type of guy. You can still do well in Call of Duty without that.


                      That, and when you consider how much ambient noise goes on in this game... audible footsteps would largely be lost in the backgroun

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                        My sound is on supercrunch - also change back and forth from headset.

                        Regardless, I doubt you can hear enemy footsteps across the map. I also doubt you can hear enemy footsteps almost at all.


                        I of course can hear my teammates, but regardless of your turtle beaches this is not a headset only problem I'm trying to bring up.


                        Once again, even users that only listen VIA speakers still gain the ability of being aware of their surroundings or get "alerted" in other words by hearing footsteps.


                        No one should have to tweak and fine tune and distort any game sound just to hear footsteps.
                        This should be a given .. Unless you are using Dead Silence of course

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                          The footsteps are definetly alot less audible now....but I've been able to pick up a some players via footsteps in games. Given I do use a decent headset, but it seems like I'm getting used to the sounds a bit more and am able to pick up some movement from players, although they do have to be quite close.

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