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    Did 1.03 screw up the lag compensation even more?

      Since I've patched to 1.03 about 95% of my games were absolute ****. I was finally getting to know the maps, the guns and started to get my K/D up. Then 1.03 happened and it dropped from 1.51 to 1.24 in a few hours. I can barely get a positive K/D now ...


      I'm not close to being the best player and my primary goal is to get objectives, so I don't care about K/D that much ... but this is just getting ridiculous. Everything seemed fine here with 1.02 but now I die with every fart thrown my way. In BO my K/D was around 1.9 and that was the first FPS I've played on console, so I know I'm not the worst player either ...


      - Shooting people from point blank with a shotgun with lasersight in the chest: hitmarker, he turns around and 3 bullets later his MP7 (what else) kills me. On the killcam, it looks like I'm just running like an idiot without even shooting.

      - Shooting first ADS in chest with any SMG/assault rifle, get owned by MP7 sprayer that aims for my feet.

      - And on and on and on and on ...


      Hard having fun like this, even if you don't care about K/D much ... Anyone else noticing significant changes with this since they patched to 1.03?


      Oh, by the way: FIX IT TREYARCH!