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    Elite Founder

      ok so with callofduty elite I bought founder with it but I made a new xbox live account and I want founder on it, how do I do it because I paid $60 for it yet I don't use it! I would like to have founder on my new account

      how do I do this?

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          Re: Elite Founder

          founder status ended last december 21st and blackops 2 doesnt give founder for elite, sorry.

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              Re: Elite Founder

              Actually you are wrong. Founder does not expire if you have a code that came with the Hardened Edition & have an active Elite Premium membership. You simply need to input the code to give you Founder Status.


              The auto upgrade to Founder was only available until Dec last year to people who purchased Elite Premium.

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              Re: Elite Founder

              Greetings and salutations to you PowerCell,


              Gamers with Hardened Editions of MW3 were only able to obtain Founder status. There was a chance to get Founder status with the purchase of a Premium Elite subscription from launch day to December 12th. Unfortunately, Founder status is something that's no longer offered as it was essentially a limited offer and is no more.


              Additionally, Premium and Founder status cannot be transferred between different accounts. Hope to have cleared up some of those Elite clouds.




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