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        40. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

        Talkin Sphinx is my gamertag. hit me with a friends request and we'll settle this in a fair manner. We'll play Black ops 2, black ops 1, MW 3,2,1 (i refuse to play WAW, that game was garbage).


        Had a 1.76kd in mw2 on a shared account, every game since then its 2.5or better.


        I get my kills on nuketown I just dont think its fun to go 30/30.

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          41. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

          If you are so good with your 2.5 KD then why do you complain about the uav? I think you are just a camping baddie with a glorified KD who thinks he's good.

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            42. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

            Okay, let me answer point by point :


            1. You say ghost makes opponents play tactically and check corners. It does create an element of surprise, and will probably make some players more cautious. So here it seems to me that while I now must be cautious, the ghost user doesnt have to be.....besides the fact that a camper clearly has the advantage with ghost, those that don't camp still have the advantage because they're moving.


            2.Pause for a second before rushing the teams spawn you say.....you would'nt do that when a UAV isn't up, so wheres the difference?


            3.Learn the other teams tendencies? You can do that without ghost.


            (I have always used Ghost, Assassin etc. in the other COD titles, so its not like I'm looking at this as a player who never used it. I just dont see what the fuss is about.)

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              43. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

              I dont know how to say this any simplier. If you'd take a break from sucking 3arcs **** and patting yourself on the back for doing such a good job you'd see that I'm not complaining about the UAV. I'm saying that the overly nerfed ghost perk is forcing people to play a run and gun style.


              I love to get out my smg class with lightweight quickdraw marathon and seeing if I can beat the other team to their own spawn, but if the other team has any skill what so ever you need to be able to move around without having idiots like yourself chasing after red dots on the map. Their is a difference between having a general knowledge of where people are at on the map based on experience and situational awareness. Its quite another trying to eat the red dots on the map like your pac man.

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                44. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

                K. So red dot chasers. Shouldn't you also have a uav up and be able to watch were I am too? I don't get it. You guys NEED ghost as a crutch because you guys can't win a gunfight.

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                  45. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

                  I've used Ghost and Assassin in the other COD titles ALOT.....but it doesnt define the way I have to play.....Ghost makes it easier to do what you would otherwise have a harder time doing in Blops 2....I've experienced it, still do....but I've moved along with the game and found new ways to do it.

                  If you dont want to, thats something you'll have to deal with if you want to play it, but you're just making your life harder by not moving on.

                  If you refuse to do anything about the UAV, then yes, as you've said it will be much harder for you to flank the other team, but if you take it down then life goes on and you're back on track...

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                    46. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

                    How about we just get rid of UAVs and Ghost?


                    We're no longer in the days of 3-5-7, there's plenty of other killstreaks to use.  Plenty of other perks as well.


                    This game has already proven that camping will never be eliminated from COD.  So the only people that would have an issue with this idea are dot chasers that use the map as a crutch.

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                      47. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

                      i used Ghost to counter the spam of the UAV... the problem here is the UAV too easy to get and spamed like crazy Ghost wouldn't be a problem if they just took away the UAV but if we do that then the red dot chasers like you will cry and of course treyarch will have to change ur diaper and fix the game to what the red dot chasers need because its pretty apparent the game seems to get dumbed down with every new release. remove UAV and problem solved.

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                        48. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

                        ive only 1 problem with the so called uav spam is how hard they are to shoot down without a launcher it takes a full clip from the mk-48 to take one down

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                          49. Re: Stop moaning about the damn UAV spam

                          When someone lines me up quicker than I line them up and they kill me I think 'fair play you got me'


                          When someone is sneaking about shooting me in the back I think 'You tosser'.


                          Now, I like an easy kill as much as the next man but people complaining about streak options just because it doesn't suit their play style????


                          Come on get a grip.

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