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        20. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

        XxRusherxX wrote:


        Stereotypical ghost noob. Jesus.

        Please define what a "stereotypical Ghost noob" is, or what makes the stereotype up?

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          21. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

          I think they're a bit too quiet as well, I can just about hear them but if anyone nearby is shooting or there's any other noise then I struggle.


          Listening for audio cues to give you the advantage does not make you a sound whore

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            22. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

            They better fix this right away

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              23. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

              Excellent original post, which I completely agree with.  By completely ignoring the sound of players moving around the map, Treyarch have ditched an important part of the game.  I don't know why they would do that (perhaps Turtle Beach didn't stump up a bung),


              The game is now a rusher's wet dream that's too chaotic to play strategically.


              One other point, why do your own footfall noises always sound like you're running across wooden boards, even if you're in the middle of a desert, or on a steel plate?  It's just cheap neglect of sound utilisation.

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                24. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                So are you using headset presets? If so, does it make a difference which preset?

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                  25. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                  totally agree why are the enemy wearing slippers yet my team mates and myself can be heard? seriously i cant here a guy sprinting up metal stairs behind me... totally F%^&ed!

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                    26. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.


                    Personally I'm boycotting this game until they fix the footsteps. I loved Black Ops 1, I thought its balance was just right. In this game I feel like it is impossible to RUSH people and get high killing sprees. In BO1 I was ranked in the top 100 all time in Hard Core TDM, and may still be in it(haven't checked for a while) and I got there by rushing. My strategy in BO1 was to first learn 99% of the strategies everyone uses then go through the maps taking the paths of "Most Resistance", where I was likely to find the most amount of people and cancel out all the campers strategies, while taking note of where people should be running through given where my teammates are at. I then used the sound of enemy footsteps to alert me of people approaching me in directions I wasn't counting on them to approach me. No matter how good of a player you are you will never be able to fully count for the unexpected, and I believe that footsteps should be in the game to prevent you from getting back stabbed by other runners as you are rushing into the enemies territory. Otherwise it is near impossible to consistently get things like blackbirds while rushing. Also as a side note I am very disappointed in this games leader board system. If I have one of the highest score per minutes in the game shouldn't I be towards the very top of the leader board? As it stands the no lives are at the top and the people that play the game off and on are at the bottom/middle.....

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                      27. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                      footsteps are non existent. I can walk through the dust and rubble on Aftermath and hear my own footsteps crunching, but the guy right behind me? No chance.     

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                        28. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                        I am also dissapointed by the lack of footstep sounds. Awareness doesn't seem to work period. I've had people walk right up behind me and shoot/knife me while using it. I understand there needs to be some balance to the game but I feel like it was dumbed down way too much when an enemy can walk right up behind you while using it.

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                          29. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                          this does not bother me at all because i dnt listen for footsteps well i really cant because wen i ply duty i bump my music really loud

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