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    Semi's, shotties and burst fire weapons pretty useless

      I'll get straight to the point.  I have been playing multi player for almost a week. I like to use semi, burst of shot gun weapons.  However I've found these weapons to be pretty useless.  The weapons below need a buff


      • SWAT-556 - 3 bursts to kill, thats 9 bullets!  Seems as if the first burst does not do anything at all
      • Fal - 4-5 bullets to kill, its a semil, so should be killing in two
      • SMR - same problems as the FAL
      • M8A1 - 3 bursts to kill (that 12 bullets)


      Shot guns, been only using the 1s two, but its pretty much inconstient, seems like at extreme close range, the shotties take two clean centre mass hits to kill.  Slightly further out they kill in 1 shot andI've noticed that sometims the hit does not even register.


      I also have a video of a glitch in the single player, an endless loop encountered on the afghanistan mission where you have to stop the helicopters from attacking the base,  Basically if you die in a certain point, u will respwan instantly into death over and over and over again.