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      Please can PS3 forum users post constructively. The threads tally went from 1300 to 4200 in less than a week and the posts amount to more garbage than any DLC released by IW in the last 2 years.


      It is not some of the content that is garbage, it is the nature and presentation. People come on in frustration and vent but that doesn't actually help improve the game.


      If you don't intend playing the game more, I feel for you but then if all you can bring here is negativity, what are you achieving for everyone else, or even yourself.

      For people who want to play the game more, but want an improved experience, post with thought, in like-places and with as much fact and data as possible.

      This way, all the "like" issues can be collected together, taken note of, and data can be pooled from as many users as possible.


      I would suggest this thread but I doubt people will post only here, so keep things concise, fact based and helpful.


      My issues concern:


      - matchmaking and lag (mildy worse after patch, 3 bars = noticeable lag, unsure about 4 bar lag or hosting, sometimes bad)

      - spawns (spawning of loser in a duel often next to winner, spawning near enemy - 2-team games)

      - menu lag and hard freezing (stuttery front end, sometimes total freeze both in menu (mostly) and in game)

      - mic loss when searching for game (cannot communicate with party members for period of game search/player search)

      - losing party members (when going into matches, unstable, worse with larger parties)


      I am based in Oslo, Norway, my partymates are in Oslo, Norway and various places in U.K.

      We often play against Europeans and sometimes Turkish, this is noticeably less stable.


      I have settings to NORMAL but have tried the other settings. BEST made no noticeabel difference overall.