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        10. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

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          11. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

          Attacking a person rather then their arguments makes your arguments seem just as wasteful. Being able to hear men in full combat gear running around in combat boots SHOULD be something everyone would hear on the battlefield. It's not about having a headset or not or what you can and can't afford. It's about the fact that everyone has ninja built in and, in game, you wouldn't even hear someone running up next to you and even jumping next to you (no lie).


          Buddy of mine did it purposely for a game winning kill cam. ran up to the guy (he was prone and camping a hallway) and was hopping next to him just to see if he would hear him. Lo and behold, he didn't and the killcam was both hilarious and pathetic. It's literally impossible to not make a sound wearing everything these solders wear. Doesn't matter if people hate sound whoring or not; it's a logical solution to allowing people to control their surroundings with their reflexs and senses.


          Guess "gun on gun" gameplay was vahn's way of saying uav spamming, spawn camping, ninja-built-in, no killstreaks but uav all day, barebones bulls**t, was ideally what he was aiming for. Fire him

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            12. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

            There is absolutely no ENEMY sound in this game what so ever ! Not a thing didn't even notice a difference with Awarness ppl still coming up behind me and I don't have a clue because there is nothing to hear ! Your OWN footsteps are audible and sound great but that's it !

               I have a pair of PX-5s with the black Ops presets and not a thing lol !

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              13. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

              Dave Vonderhar actually thinks footsteps are too loud in this game. WTF! Why even bother with auditory perks if they are useless. Put some different ones in!

              Last Edited: Nov 17, 2012 12:00 AM
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                14. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                Dave Vonderhar is the biggest troll herp derp since jd2020

                Last Edited: Nov 17, 2012 12:02 AM
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                  15. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                  Lol yeah I was going to unlock Awareness when I Prestiged but what's the point until its fixed ? So went with ghost instead .

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                    16. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                    Dead Silence its useless on this game, since its a default for everyone.

                    Last Edited: Nov 17, 2012 1:14 AM
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                      17. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                      Awareness doesn´t even works, plus does this game needs a headset? they should put in in the box. Cause i just play in the leaving room at normal speakers volume.


                      LIKE MILLIONS OF PLAYERS

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                        18. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                        I have a decent headset (X41s) and I am quite used to using my ears in CoD.


                        Black Ops 1 was brilliant for it, and MW3 was also pretty good. I was expecting BO2 to have great situational sound effects, but on unlocking "Awareness" I was sorely disappointed.


                        I do hope it is fixed soon.

                        Last Edited: Nov 19, 2012 2:15 AM
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                          19. Re: Enemy Footsteps Inaudible.

                          Stereotypical ghost noob. Jesus.

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