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    Equipment that needs to be nerfed!

      So, I am REALLY happy with the balancing of Black Ops 2. It is by far the most balanced COD since COD4. However, there are some really notable goofups in balance that needs fixing


      -The shock charges should be either NERFED or moved to the Lethals. First of all, the concept is ridiculous anyway. But not only that, it is not implemented well. When you are hit by one, your screen jerks all around, your screen gets a blue-ish hue, shock waves appear all about on your screen, and you get the effects from the stun grenade. (Your guy gets slowed down and your sensitivity is lowered.

      It doesn't help either the fact that the Charges makes the Stuns USELESS. Like I stated above, the charges do eveything the Stun does and ALOT more.

      IMO, there are two ways to nerf the Shock charges: Either take out the option to have two, Remove the ability to restock them with scavenger or, Bloody hell, both.

      Moving them to Lethals would balance them as well. Having two lethals is much more of a sacrifice than having two Taticals. Not only that, It will kill that overused tatic of putting a Shock charge near a bouncing betty (Which isn't balanced either) so it is near impossible to escape the enourmous blast radius.

      -The stealth chopper needs a very slight nerf. It kills you way too fast and you can't even see it coming through the radar. Just lower the damage on it's turret a bit and it'll be golden.

      -Don't know if any of you out there agree with me on this, but the Type 25 is basically a Full Auto Type 95 from MW3. Sure, It has quite a bit of recoil, and the muzzle flash is horrible, but if you put a suppressor on it, It completely removes the horrible muzzle flash, and if you put a grip on it, the recoil gets ULTRA easy to control, even if it isn't particularly low, it still is very easy to predict and control. Just take out the option for a grip and it will be partially balanced.

      -I don't know how much damage the PDW57 does, but it feels EXTREMELY WEAK. At close range, I fire a a guy four times, and he doesn't go down. He then Proceeds to fire at me with his 1300+RPM Rapid fire-suppressed-extended mags SMG that somehow deals more damage than my 900-RPM P90 reskin. Basically, it needs a slight damage buff.

      -Bouncing betties needs a TTK nerf immediatly. When you step on one, You have 0.3 seconds to crouch or you are DEAD. Even if you somehow escape the lethal blast radius (W/ Lightweight and Ext. Conditioning), you'll still have to deal with the non lethal blast radius that deals around 80 damage. Did I also mentioned how the Betties have something like a 7M blast radius?

      -On the menu, there is a option to search servers with the best connection. It doesn't seem to do jack, most of the time you still end up on a server with only ., possibly .i bars of connection.

      -Camping is out of control. This game is more camper friendly than the original BO. I'm not kidding. Treyarch must really do something about this.


      But even with those problems, I still love BO2, it is my favorite COD game to date. It is also the most balanced. That is the reason why I made this thread, I only wish the best for this game. Thanks Treyarch!