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    Good Job Treyarch!

      I just froze for the first time today and see you're tracking reports. I don't know what on Earth took so long to think of it but glad you finally got to it. Hopefully now you can get this thing fixed.


      This honestly isn't meant as sarcastic. I'm truly glad to see that they've FINALLY realized that the only way to really see what's happening is by checking the reports of the problems. I only wish they would have started on day 1.


      BTW...everyone please please make sure you take a second and send in the reports to Sony when your system crashes. The more reports they get in the shortest period of time the faster we get to play without all the headaches. If you don't know what I'm talking about, when your PS3 crashes it now asks you if you want to send in a report of the event to Sony when you restart. Always send in the report each and every time.