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    Can We All Calm The Hell Down?

      Look, are there issues with this game? Yes, but people take it to the point of extremeness. Just because it's not fixed that very second: "**** Treyarch", "They don't care", "They won't fix it because they got our money", "I'm suing Treyarch for a unfinished game". Treyarch will fix the issues, just give it some time. It's only the FIRST week and everyone acts like it's been months

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          100% agreed.


          The only threads I have started have been down to the gamemodes and stuff to do with the game. E.g I started a perk discussion on cold blooded.


          However really everyone seems to be up in arms wanting to kill trayarch and I hate to say this but guess what. GIVE THEM SOME TIME.


          I mean lets face it. We can't have a miracle overnight. Just give it a few weeks maybe a month and hopefully majority of these issues will be solved. Trayarch have had a very good history when it comes to delivering solutions to problems within their games. Especially when the game is new.


          Give them a chance. I mean Black Ops had these issues to an extent on launch and after a few weeks/ a month majority of the issues the game started with were either eradicated or mostly solved.


          So guys lets give them a chance and stop crying over a game. I too paid money for this game. So lets chill out and see how the situation plays out.

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            Agreed. Repeat threads are a nuisance, looks ignorant. Nothing is going to be done in the first week to alleviate all the problems right now.

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              Sorry but the reason people are right to be complaining is because they made $500 million on this game already and they couldn't even invest a few extra weeks of testing BEFORE release?

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                Let's say you bought a car that was not ready to be driven. Something that prevents you from interacting with other cars...let's say there were no headlights, or better yet no tires. Let's also say that you waiting a long time to buy this car, you had anticipated it, and you had been even excited about it. It is finally released, but not driveable. You are told that the problems will be worked out in the coming weeks, but for now, just ... wait, no you are not told anything.


                Would that be acceptable?


                Bottom line: They released an incomplete product. Give them time to get the servers up and running properly while they work out the kinks you say? If this company had never released an online multiplayer FPS game before, I could give them the benefit of the doubt...


                The people waited a long to to get this game, it is incomplete, they should know how to do this all by now. Bottom line: people can complain all they want, but returning the game for a full refund is much more effective

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                  The LAG COMP was never fixed in MW3 so why should we believe it will be fixed on BO2?  There was a reason why there were twice as many people online in the first BO as there was in MW3 just a couple months ago.