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    Should there be a system to punish those who don't play the objective?


      I'm tired to death of people ignoring the objective just so they can easily kill people who are focused on the objective.  They purposely go into a playlist like domination instead of team deathmatch because of how easy it is to get kills.  They simply do it to pad their k/d.  I'm tired of winning by a landslide against those who are content losing but getting a high k/d ratio.  It makes the game utterly boring and infuriating at the same time.  What's even more infuriating is when after they have lost the game they brag about having wrecked our team.  Did he realize that he LOST?


      I crave real competition.  I want to see the k/d crackheads who intentionally lose every game go away.  If only there were some way to punish those who don't play the objective, like there is a punishment for those who quit games.