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      • 10. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

        Agreed. We really need this badly.


        Also for some reason, if I move left or right beyond my deadzone, the cursor starts sliding in either direction by itself. Not sure why this is happening, but it's really annoying, and I can't play this game correctly, unless I find out how to fix it.     

        • 11. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

          Still, cursor sensitivity is needed.  I found some settings that work pretty good without it, but I would really like to have that back.  It would be a big help in getting the precision that is required for Wii remote users.

          • 12. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

            Arc there is a setting for that cursor drifting thing you're talking about.  The choices are to either have it sway or the cursor stays centered.  You want it to stay centered.  Problem is now that I changed that setting I can't find it.  I don't know where it is now to help you out.  I keep looking and looking but I don't see it anywhere.

            • 13. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

              I know what you're talking about, but I think that's for looking down a scope only. It's under Controls-->Aim styles-->scope reticule. Mine is already "centered."


              This is affecting my cursor, regardless if I'm in hipfire or ads mode.


              If it matters, my setup is:



              Button Layout: Echo

              Aim Styles: Scope Aiming - Precision, Scope Reticle - Centered, Lookspring - Disabled, Turrent Aiming - Precision

              Camera Speed: Horizontal speed - 30, Vertical Speed - 30, Horizontal speed(ADS) -40, Vertical speed (ADS)- 40

              Sensitivitiy: Camera Sensitvity - 20, Scope Sensitvity - 30

              Deadzone: Both hipfire and ADS are pretty small.

              Gestures: Disabled. Wii Remote senstivity 16 Nunchuck Sensitivity - 25

              ADS Reach: 40

              Invert Control Stick Aim: Disabled


              and under



              Turn while Offscreen - Disabled

              Weapon Twisting - Disabled

              Camera Lock - Disabled




              BTW feel free to add my Nintendo ID. We should play together sometime!Mine is: sselemanrm



              I dunno.. My controls overall feel kind of sluggish and jumpy, especially when adsing.

              • 14. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                Wow of all the rubbish they had to put in they missed this.

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                  I don't know but I managed to get most of my controls (pretty weird, not standard at all) right.


                  What I suggest is to spend some time in a local MP against bots.


                  About cursor sensitivity: what about the pointer sensitivity you can adjust outside the game...while on the Settings of the WiiU?...maybe 3arc kept the same settings.

                  • 16. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                    That's what I've been doing. Playing against bots in local mp. That's where I noticed my control settings are really eratic.


                    And I dunno if Wii U's cursor senstivity did much for me. I actually bumped it all the way to 5, before I even played BO2. Maybe I should bump it lower.


                    But I'm having no problem at all with wiimote pointer controls in wii menu though.

                    • 17. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                      Mine did too at first.  I kept tweaking them and tweaking them and I don't know what changed but it's better now.  I know I have scope reticule centered and scope aiming I think is "normal"


                      My camera speeds are all 35.


                      My camera and scope sensitivity are flip flopped from yours.


                      Deadzones are practically nothing.


                      Maybe I just got adjusted to it or maybe I changed something, but those drifting and jumpy issues are gone.  Still needs cursor sensitivity though.  ADS aiming still isn't as accurate as it should be.  I think that's the cursor sesitivity missing on that one.

                      • 18. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                        I really hope they can make this game compatible with the headbanger headset via update. I don't want to spend 50 bucks on another.. Ugh ridiculous. >_>

                        • 19. Re: Missing Setting!! CURSOR Sensitivity

                          low settings seem to have a delay


                          high ones make teh courser minispasm on the screen. but highish and lowish are almost  unoticable.

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