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    The Most Hyped and best selling CoD Ever, is also the worst CoD ever made.

      I've tried. I've given this game a week. A week filled with Being shot around corners. A week filled with 3 barring and being lag compesated. A week filled with hit markers, and at times no hit markers.


      This game has made me want to go back to MW3. Hell, this game makes me miss MW3. Even in that game, I had the same connection, and while being lag comped could still perform well.


      I doubt this game will change until Christmas. If sales are low, which they "Should be," we may see changes to the game. Meaning, if you have any friends anywhere that want to get this game for X-mas. Tell them how it is in it's current state. Tell them it's horrible. Tell them it feels like a beta and unfinished.


      We've all already been suckered into buying what we thought was going to be an AMAZING game.


      Let's not have people who haven't bought it do the same, and hopefully change something.