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    Hardened Package

      Will hardened package available on store for the second time?

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          Re: Hardened Package

          I know it wasn't with modern warfare 3 because I looked for it, so I wouldn't count on it.

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            Re: Hardened Package


                 I bought (2) Care Packages, (2) Hardened Editions and (2) Regulars.......

            That way people who wanted either Care Package or Hardened could hit me up if they wanted....Im one of the good guys that like to help out the people who didnt have the luxury of waiting till midnight. Then waiting in the lines.

                 One guy was so thankful he let me buy the Dragonfire for $20....

            But now that nuketown zombies will be dlc later......people feel they got screwed when they preordered when the game was announced

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