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    Well done treyarch.

      I had my doubts about you guys, the game, and the wii u.  But so far, I will willingly admit you guys did a really good job.  It plays really smooth and no errors at all.   I'm impressed and am happy to eat crow.

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          Liking the sound of this

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            Does it play exactly like the xbox version Sys? Reason I ask, ive just launched my xbox through the front windown onto the main road, and its in bits. Ima deep fry my black ops 2 copy and stick on youtube in a few days. Analogs frustrate me more than the wife I went from a 2kdr to a 0.56 kdr, the problem was the number of times I died and thought "if I had a wiimote there id have won the fight", and I just dont feel comfortable with the controller. Ive tried other games too, and I just cant use the damm sticks.


            So maybe, just maybe, I might get a wiiU in the coming months, we`ll see.


            Have you noticed any differences? Ive spoken to conboy and he said all he noticed is ground war is 8v8 not 9v9

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                We knew it, Beast. We knew it.

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                  The graphics are as good as the xbox (some say better, but they don't understand what 60FPS really means).


                  I've noticed a little more lag as more people got on.  Probably some really bad internet connections starting to come online, and getting lag comped.


                  The gameplay is smooth as silk though.  No errors. Nintendon'ts right on the money.


                  Unfortunately, I am competing with two kids who want to play nintendoland and an entire clan of old men who don't understand technology so I have been helping all of them get their wii u's up lol.  So not much gametime yet.



                  A clanmate said they have a report button IN THE GAME (not on NN)


                  Haven't had a chance to play with theatre yet.  But there is a COD TV option too (just like on the xbox).


                  Will post more when I know

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                    told ya so...

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                      plays better. lagcomp is slighly less noticable, better graphics, dont need to share a screen to paly splitscreenm have noticed groups of 3 online. xbox gets up to 2. feels smother.


                      also wiiU has hands down better community


                      xbox: comlain everyime you die/ wine about almost everything


                      wiiU: alot more this is assome, alot more friendlyish complains, less winning.    1 of the reasons i play wiiU better community.



                      i played TDM on wii, FFA and multiteam on xbox. so cant compare spanws yet. didnt get many bad spawns, but they could have patched them between now and then. xbox had some shitty spawns, and 3/4ths of the players spawnign on 1 section of the map. in FFA. will need to test wii FFA to say anything about those spawns.

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                      Yeah like Beast said, what are the differences between the Xbox and Wii U version? Did you get a patch on day 1? Do you also have to deal with crappy spawns and ridiculous lag compensation? Please tell us more!

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                        I'm having some problems with the wiimote. Been playing CoD wii since WaW Wii days, with the wimote. For this game though, for some reason, if I turn my pointer a little left or a little right to my hipfire/ads deadzone, the pointer starts sliding to either direction by itself. This is really hampering my gameplay, and it makes sniping almost impossible. Anyone have this problem?


                        Wii cursor senstivity is not in this game for some reason. I wonder if the lack of this setting is causing this.    

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                          Yeah....Treyarch knows Nintendo....great game.  Best thing is i havent run across a hacker/cheater yet.

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                            I enjoy this very much myself. However Analog Aim-assist could use a little nerf....