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    Looking for a good clan. [PS3]

      My KD is a 2.13 and dropping to be honest. I keep joining lobbys with try hards / parties, and its annoying the sh*t out of me having to play with randoms who don't know how to play. With randoms I can't seem to get more then 2 kills without someone shooting me from the back, it's ridiculous. My KD on the first Black Ops was a 3.13 so i know im capable of playing at a higher level, i just need to find the right group of people to play with. All i'm asking for is that the people in the clan don't have to be the greatest, as long as we can win more times then not and the clan isn't completely horrible. If you're interested in letting me join your clan add me so we can talk a little more. My PSN is HoesCallMeRevoks.

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          Re: Looking for a good clan. [PS3]

          Mate give FRAGOUT! a go, nice group of people.


          Add my psn FrostbyteSRL

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            Re: Looking for a good clan. [PS3]

            check us out, been together since 2008...a few of us feel the same way. I just cant get into the game yet. But we do have at least 15-20 guys in our clan over a 2.0 now, and we alll carry an Awesome win loss ratio. Also a level 50 on MW3 with a clan KD over a 2.0 before i recruited for Bops2



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              Re: Looking for a good clan. [PS3]

              Established by an experienced and dedicated clan leader of over two years, DIZE is recruiting active members for (PS3) Call of Duty: Black Ops II. DIZE is a structured gaming community that focuses on becoming the best and provides an optimum environment for members. DIZE recognizes its members for accomplishments and achievements by rewarding and promoting them to higher standards in the community. DIZE is interested in:


              • Active Members
              • Devoted Leaders
              •   Supportive Teammates


              With these simple three requirements, we ask no more since a mere prestige emblem does not determine a player's true abilities. A player should not only be recognized by their prestige emblem but also of what he or she is capable in the battlefield. A mic is not required but highly recommended for upcoming Clan Operations and Clan Challenges. Together we can become the best. If you are interested in joining, apply here: http://dize.enjin.com/

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