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    join CombatControl for ps3 members wanted not needed

      clan name: CombatControl

      Level: 1

      Requirments: None

      System: Ps3

      Im looking for all rounded players, snipers, rushers, and players who are good at defendeing.


      I currently played Blackops 2, im level 52  and the best game i have had so far is 24 and 3 with 3 captures on hijacked. The other clan members are better then i am so join now. Together we can rule the world of BO2.



      I want to play with people while do clan ops with them. I need more players so i can level up. I was in a diffrent clan but the leader stoped enilisting in stuff so i left ( i promise you that i wont stop enlisting) .


      I have a new clan started a day ago. I'm now recruiteing. Clan name is CombatControl. im accepting everyone. I have enlisted in all the clan op challenges that i could im at december 30 th right now. i will be playing and enlisting in both mw3 and bo2 clan ops so that no one gets left out .Im 17 from toronto ontario. I only have two people and im wanting to expand, i cant level up because there is no clan ops now and im starting black ops 2.. Im wanting people to join and i will  take into account of what you want to do with the clanand stuff. If you want me to enlist in one thing i will and stuff like that.