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    post patch 1.03


      Hey PS3 players I just want to know if anyone else is having the same problems i'm running into since 1.03.


      First, hardfreezes are not fixed. It happens much much less now, but it still happens. Plus I'll have mini freezes mid game and when i'm going through the menus when not in a game.


      Second, lag is 20x worse. Seeing people skip across my screen. The lost connection icon poping up randomly for only a few seconds. Neither of which happened to me at all last week.


      I know it can't be on my end. I play with a few different parties and they are all experiencing all of this.

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          Same for me, plus all my team mates, the lag is ridiculous, you cannot get a balanced experience, one game ok, the next unplayable?


          There is always one team dominating, not a level playing field, not balanced at all or a true reflection of skill.

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            Same thing here, everything was going almost perfect this weekend before downloading the patch, I was really enjoying that game, but then I downloaded it today, and the crappy lagcomp started to happen again, plus the horribles freezes that I had in the past week. This is really annoying lol

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              Not had a hard freeze today but had a few menu freezes for a few seconds.

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                i hear ya bud. i just posted a lag rant in the thread "can you win a gun fight or get a fair one consistently". i'm getting the "lost connecton" very frequently now. and as soon as im able to move im killed? i was convinced someone was lag switching but so many people are having these problems.ive had my slim freeze up on me a couple times (4 or 5). i got the patch yesterday and didnt get to play much unti tonight and the lag is night and day for me from yesterday or any other day. its made the game pretty much unplayable. im afraid to play right now in fear of breaking a controller in half lol

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                  Well would you rather have 10 hard freezes an hour, spend 15 minutes in a pre-game lobby, and just horrible lag or  1-2 hard freezes every 2-3 hours, spending 3-5 minutes in a pre-game lobby, and manageable lag? Personally I'd rather take the latter option.


                  You think people would get used to having problems with the launch of a new Call of Duty. I mean it happens every game.

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                    Funnily enough I didn't have a hard freeze until the 1.03 patch came out. Since then I've had 4 (which no doubt is not good for my console).


                    Hardfreezes on Fifa13 were the reason I stopped playing that game for ages as I didn't want to harm my console. I may have to have a serious think about doing that again with this game.


                    Lag is getting pretty ridiculous. I had a game earlier where I put 2 sniper bullets into an enemys head before he then got me from across the map with an SMG. I decided to watch the kill cam and it didn't even show me firing either of my shots. Considering I use a bolt action sniper that's a considerable amount of lag compensation we're talking about.


                    Players skipping across the screen is again something I've only since post 1.03 and I have to 100% agree with you things have gotten an awful lot worse.


                    Strangely enough my gaming experience seems to be better when my connection is slightly worse. If I use a wired connection or have an Open NAT type my gun shoots paperclips and the game is always behind what I've done. When I use a wireless connection though, or my NAT is Moderate everything runs better for me. No firing 20 bullets then seeing me shoot zero in the killcam and hitmarkers when I expect to see hitmarkers.


                    CoD...where a good connection means a bad time.

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                      After patch the lag seems alot worse now, and the freezing is less often but still happens.

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                        the lag has truly increased a lot since the patch. Before, I was getting 3.0 k/d's every game. now i have a hard time coming out positive. Im not the only one of my friends experiencing this. everyone i have spoken to cannot seem to match their normal performance anymore. I also see connection interrupted every game. Ive noticed a lot more revenge spawns too.

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                          I get hit with random but hard lag spikes that have me running in place for a good 5sec. Also the lag is much worse than last week but my freezing is 100% gone, aside from the hesitation when switching between selections in the menus

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                            100% agree, I quit until Treyarch fixes this sht, until then I'm not playing again.

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                              Locking. Check our thread in the featured section of this sub-forum.